Kentucky Fried Chicken: How QR Codes and a Pub Drove an 85% Lift in App Installs

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), the leading global fried chicken restaurant brand, launched a QR code campaign from a pop-up pub, and it was such a success that major UK newspapers picked up on its uniqueness and innovation. Influential publications like Business Insider also wrote about the pub, generating free publicity and awareness for the campaign and KFC’s new delivery service. At time of publication, there were 3,740 mentions of the campaign in Google search results..

KFC (together with Branch) created unique, KFC-branded QR codes for users to interact with in the pub. These QR codes drove increased app engagement—the strongest results KFC has ever experienced with QR codes—and led to the beginning of a successful delivery service for KFC.

  • 85% uplift in installs
  • 1000 scans and opens in the first few days