How This QSR Drove App Growth and Revenue From a Previously Untapped Channel

With over 430 restaurants serving every major population center in the country, this QSR employs over 19,000 people. They serve more than 1.7M meals each week and more than 125M beef patties every year. This company is a major franchise and well-known corporation in the QSR industry.

The app enables this QSR to gain greater insights into customer behaviors and motivators by providing app-only features such as pre-order pickup, delivery, and daily prizes. The company’s mission has been to drive as much app adoption as possible, track cross-platform, and cross-channel attribution to understand what marketing efforts are the most efficient and deliver a seamless user experience. Their partnership with Branch enables their team to meet these goals by tapping into less obvious channels to drive and measure app growth.

  • 60% of QR code scans resulted in in-app sessions
  • 20% increase in overall app installs
  • 2.6x increase of monthly attributed purchases