TBS and TNT Leverage Branch to Increase App Downloads by 10X

In an increasingly mobile world, native apps are changing everything from how we find nearby restaurants to how we watch our favorite television programs.

For Turner Broadcasting’s TBS and TNT television stations, mobile was becoming an increasingly important part of its user journey.

The TBS and TNT teams knew that today’s viewers expected a seamless experience — and that meant its popular programming had to be viewable available anywhere, anytime. The teams suspected the best experience for mobile viewers would be within the app, rather than on the mobile web.

Bridging the web-to-app gap with improved UX

Since Turner allows on-demand streaming through their mobile apps, the TBS and TNT teams knew that perfecting the mobile web-to-app user journey was critical. Seamlessly converting mobile web traffic into highly engaged app users would create memorable mobile experiences and drive engagement.

Using the contextual linking infrastructure offered through Branch’s Journeys, the TBS and TNT teams present mobile web visitors with web-to-app smart banners that link directly to the in-app version of the content they’re accessing on the mobile web.

In the example flow above, TBS prompts users to watch episodes of The Last O.G. in the app. Users with the app installed are seamlessly driven to the content, while those who don’t have the app installed are delivered to the app store.

In fact, the experience mobile web visitors receive is customized, based on whether or not they have the app downloaded. App users are sent directly to desired in-app content, while those who don’t have the app installed are directed to the appropriate app store, and then to the desired content in the app.

The same functionality that enables TBS and TNT to present targeted banners also enables them to customize banners on specific pages according to size, position, color, copy, and other factors.

The ability to deliver TBS and TNT viewers contextually from the mobile web into the app, where they can easily stream their favorite programs, has paid fantastic dividends for both stations.

Since introducing Branch’s Journeys on their mobile website, TBS and TNT have achieved view-to-install rates that are 10X and 8.7X higher than the reported view-to-install rate of static smart app banners.

And that’s not all. TBS and TNT have also been leveraging Branch across other channels to help drive results and accurate attribution.

Find out more about how we’re helping TBS and TNT revolutionize the in-app viewing experience by downloading our TBS/TNT case study here.