Amazon Partner Network, meet Branch

Branch is excited to partner with AWS as an Advanced Technology Partner with the Digital Customer Experience and Retail Competencies.

Aggregate all of your marketing data in the cloud

Branch delivers better user experiences for all your mobile marketing efforts and accurate attribution data to measure their impact. AWS complements Branch with unlimited storage and data accessibility so downstream personalization and reporting can benefit from enhanced knowledge and consumer understanding.

Say goodbye to data silos and the challenges of reconciling data from different campaign management systems into one intelligent reporting platform.

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Drive your Retail strategy with Branch + AWS

Branch and AWS understand the needs for the modern Retail marketer. Customer engagement and digital commerce is key in perfecting your retail strategy. With Branch’s expertise in driving seamless user experiences across channels and platforms, built on AWS, brands are set up for a successful digital transformation.

Capitalize on Your “Owned” Audiences

Consumers engage with brands across an ever-increasing number of channels and platforms. With Branch, you can convert organic traffic into engaged app users to increase user LTV. Branch easily integrates with your website and seamlessly integrates the app experience.

Measure all your Marketing

Branch links unify the consumer experience and standardize your attribution data across all channels. No more lost or irreconcilable data silos. Attribution data is the key to understanding the impact of your marketing efforts and Branch aggregates that intelligence for you. Using Branch’s integration with AWS, you can capture all of that data and leverage it for advanced reporting and personalization efforts downstream.

Seamless User Experiences built on AWS

Branch’s linking platform is what you need for a mobile world. Using Branch links behind all your marketing communications delivers a better customer experience that drives engagement, in-app activity and conversions. Our SDK seamlessly integrates your app into every customer journey, adding new value to offline and online touch points. With our links behind all your marketing communications, you have a consistent platform to capture lost attribution data to comprehensively and accurately measure the impact of those efforts and easily export your data to a single database, where it can be utilized for downstream personalization efforts and multi-touch attribution reporting.

Branch is a single platform to optimize your customer experience and measure the impact of your marketing efforts, built on the reliable foundation of AWS:

Measure Comprehensively

Branch solves growing gaps in attribution by matching important in-app events to the channels and campaigns that drove them.

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Eliminate Broken Customer Experiences

Intelligent linking is a critical component in delivering personal, seamless experiences that drive higher engagement and performance across all channels.

Bridge Offline and online

Consumer habits have changed rapidly. Their expectations for touchless engagement must integrate offline communications with an app and extend the life cycle of those moments.

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Aggregate all your data in the Cloud

Campaign management platforms are siloed and hard to reconcile. With a common linking infrastructure, all campaign data can be harmonized to better inform marketing decisions.

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Increase conversions

Drive better performance with Branch deep linking and capitalize on personalization with Amazon Personalize to give your customers the best experience on mobile.

Case Study


iFit is in the home fitness category and was growing rapidly throughout the pandemic. Their small team needed an easy tool to capitalize on their large amount of web traffic and convert them into engaged app users and keep them as members to maximize LTV.


iFit started using Branch Journeys to deliver a seamless web-to-app experience. Journeys is easy to deploy and allows iFit to bring existing app users into the app and acquire new users from existing web traffic.


iFit was able to achieve a Click-to-Install rate of 70% into their app from their mobile website. This led to incremental membership conversions and a better customer experience for their users. iFit plans to use Branch in more channels like QR Codes to continue growing their app engagement.

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