Branch Unlocked Attribution and Deep Linking for Nubank’s Paid Campaigns, Resulting in Better Business Decisions, Higher Conversions, and Increased ROAS

As a fast-growing company investing in paid media, Nubank’s marketing team was looking to optimize their campaign ROI. They needed to implement a mobile measurement partner (MMP) to understand which sources resulted in the highest return on ad spend (ROAS). Moreover, Nubank’s mobile web sign up experience is fairly extensive, so they realized their campaigns would perform better by sending users directly into their app, where engagement and conversion rates were significantly higher. In addition, sending new users straight to the app would decrease the number of steps to conversion – which is better for both user experience and conversion rates.

To realize their full ROI potential, Nubank needed to unlock attribution and deep linking for their paid campaigns.

  • Increased efficiency and scale of paid campaigns
  • Improved conversion rates from sending users to mobile app
  • Simple and easy implementation and partner testing process