Branch Unlocked Attribution and Deep Linking for Nubank’s Paid Campaigns




54 million

App users

41 million


increased in-app conversion rates


increased efficiency and scale of paid campaigns

About Nubank

Nubank is one of the world’s largest digital banking platforms, serving around 54 million customers across Brazil, Mexico and Colombia. Guided by a mission to fight complexity and empower people, Nubank is fostering the access to financial services across Latin America, connecting profit and purpose to create value for stakeholders and have a positive impact on the communities it serves. Nubank has grown to 53.9 million customers— 41.1 million of which use the app at least once a month, and they recently IPOed on the New York Exchange. 


As a fast-growing company investing in paid media, Nubank’s marketing team was looking to optimize their campaign ROI. They needed to implement a mobile measurement partner (MMP) to understand which sources resulted in the highest return on ad spend (ROAS). Moreover, Nubank’s mobile web sign up experience is fairly extensive, so they realized their campaigns would perform better by sending users directly into their app, where engagement and conversion rates were significantly higher. In addition, sending new users straight to the app would decrease the number of steps to conversion – which is better for both user experience and conversion rates. 

To realize its full ROI potential, Nubank needed to unlock attribution and deep linking for its paid campaigns. 

Solution: Unlocking efficient user acquisition campaigns

Branch’s MMP solution gave Nubank the tools and resources to quickly launch its campaigns and measure results with ease. After a seamless SDK integration, Nubank began leveraging Branch to route users directly into their app from their paid campaigns. By routing users directly into the app, the team was able to decrease the number of steps for new client registration to achieve a higher conversion rate and lower loss rate than previous web workflows.

Branch’s attribution offered Nubank the flexibility to test multiple ad networks and measure campaign results. Branch also empowered Nubank to create a process for testing different partners to understand their true impact and make timely campaign optimizations. This allowed them to double down on their highest performing network (in this case, Google) and ultimately increase ROAS. With Branch’s attribution and Data Feeds, Nubank could then pull accurate and comprehensive channel performance data into their internal analytics dashboards seamlessly.  

Once new users click on an ad, they are sent immediately to stores to download the app.

After install, users can register in less steps than on the mobile web, leading to higher ROAS from acquisition campaigns

Three images of Nubank app install ad forms on different formats.

Result: Efficient ways to acquire new users and scale paid campaigns

With new insight into their paid campaign performance, and an easy way to test new network partners, Branch empowered Nubank to invest and scale new user acquisition methods with proof of higher ROAS. This gave their team the confidence to make ROI-positive investments in paid campaigns, and allowed them to increase both the efficiency of their paid mobile acquisition campaigns, and their overall new user conversion rate.

  • Increased efficiency and scale of paid campaigns
  • Improved conversion rates from sending users to mobile app
  • Simple, easy implementation and partner testing process

“Branch helped us to unlock mobile marketing operations and allowed us to use new media to drive customer acquisition and engagement.”

Headshot of Joao Ribeiro

João Ribeiro, Growth Marketing
Martech & Infra at Nubank

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