Payoneer Unlocks Mobile App Growth by Leveraging Branch Smart Banners


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> 5 million


increase in app users


installs driven by Journeys

Payoneer is a trusted and widely recognized payment platform that facilitates cross-border transactions, enabling businesses to seamlessly transact, sell, and expand globally. As a leading fintech company, Payoneer is dedicated to empowering small and medium-sized businesses by offering convenient and efficient financial solutions. 

With Payoneer, users can effortlessly receive payments in multiple currencies and access funds from various online marketplaces, including e-commerce, vacation rental, and freelance platforms. Additionally, Payoneer provides valuable services such as VAT payment, digital foreign inward remittance certificate (FIRC), and store management tools. With a vast customer base exceeding 5 million, support for over 70 currencies, and 35 languages, Payoneer has established itself as a go-to platform for international transactions.


In 2020, Payoneer encountered challenges in converting its mobile web traffic into mobile app users. Despite the substantial influx of traffic to its mobile web platform, Payoneer lacked an effective means of bridging the gap between its website and app. So, in 2021, the team dedicated its efforts to driving user acquisition by implementing web-to-app smart banners and deep links.

This involved integrating deep links throughout Payoneer’s marketing channel mix and strategically placing smart banners with compelling messaging that prompted users to download its mobile app. Previously, Payoneer had not employed a dedicated deep linking solution or web-to-app smart banners. 

To accomplish this effectively, both the product and marketing teams recognized the need for a mobile growth platform to obtain insightful data and app growth.


After a long search for a robust mobile linking platform, Payoneer partnered with Branch. By integrating Branch’s Journeys for smart banners, a solution that helps brands convert their mobile web traffic into app users, Payoneer was able to build a seamless web-to-app pathway for its customers. 

“Branch enables us to create the right customer journeys for our mobile app. Branch has been the game changer for us because it creates the right journey and lets web customers access Payoneer right from their mobile devices while giving us the opportunity to convert them into app users.”

Almog Azlan, Product Manager

Now, users who land on the mobile web are automatically redirected to the intended in-app content if they already have the app, or sent to the app store to download the app and then redirected automatically to the app content for a seamless experience.

Image of a blank phone showing a Payoneer smart banner with a CTA to open the Payoneer mobile app: "Continue in our mobile app - the power of Payoneer in your pocket."

Payoneer’s team has also coupled Journeys with its email marketing campaigns. So, when a user receives an email and clicks a link, they’re redirected to the mobile web. Then, they are prompted to download the app using Branch smart banners. 

Since Journeys can be used to target audiences with behavioral and contextual parameters, Payoneer also runs experiments using A/B testing which has enabled the team to analyze variations of content and visuals. A/B testing helps identify a direct connection between the company’s messaging and its conversion. 

Are users more inclined to download the app when prompted with a certain copy? Do they prefer only text or more intrusive, visually rich banners? Is there a clear distinction between different iterations of the banners? 

Payoneer’s team can now get answers to all of these questions with Branch’s Journeys solution. 

A recent A/B test revealed that users preferred text-only banners — they outperformed the more intrusive ones. 

Side-by-side images of two different Payoneer smart banners. One is a text-only PRQ banner that reads, "Did you know you can now track your payment requests in our mobile app?" The second is a larger banner with a a Payoneer logo, a tap icon, and text that reads, "New! Easily track your payment requests on the go in our mobile app."

To further improve its user experience while driving user acquisition, Payoneer has also integrated deep links as a core element of its marketing campaigns. Deep links take users directly to the relevant content in the Payoneer app or on the website. This, in turn, leads to higher conversions, increased revenue, and better LTV compared to when users are redirected to a generic landing page. 

All of this data is captured in the Branch dashboard which delivers unbiased insights into all of Payoneer’s marketing efforts across owned, earned, and paid channels. 

With a reliable and robust mobile growth partner like Branch, Payoneer has grown its mobile app user base rapidly over the past few years. In 2020, 33% of Payoneer’s users used the mobile app; in 2023, that percentage is close to 46%.  

Line graph showing the increase in mobile app users by percentage of app users in user base from 2020 to 2023. The line increases from 33.7% to 45.8%.


Payoneer now has detailed visibility into complex user journeys, regardless of the source of conversion. Whether a user downloads the Payoneer mobile app after clicking on a social media post, an email, or a CTA in a smart banner, the team can accurately measure down-funnel events. This unbiased attribution ensures that marketing teams are in sync with the latest data and can double down on what’s performing best in terms of conversions and ROI. 

  • 46% of Payoneer’s consumers currently use the app, up from 33% in 2020
  • 204K installs driven by Journeys, being the highest contributor, last year 

“Monthly average users (MAU) is a critical KPI we measure at Payoneer, and we’ve seen dramatic improvements in it after integrating Branch, especially Journeys. We’ve seen great results from our investment in Branch and we now have consistent, measurable value to analyze our product marketing strategy. This is important because it gives us room to test, iterate, and create better campaigns that lead to higher conversion. Branch truly helps product and marketing teams sync better and put the pieces of the puzzle together with ease.”

Almog Azlan, Product Manager

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