Announcing SKAdNetwork Support for Twitter Campaigns

We are excited to announce that our SKAdNetwork integration with Twitter is now complete. This integration will allow mutual customers to see Twitter SKAdNetwork data and analytics within Branch’s SKAdNetwork dashboard. With the release and enforcement of iOS 14.5 going live next week, we are excited to offer this integration to the market prior to its launch. 

Unlike many other ad partners who are forwarding Apple postbacks to Branch’s endpoint, Twitter has created an aggregate SKAdNetwork API for MMPs to pull data from, which allows mutual customers to now see Twitter data in Branch’s SKAdNetwork Analytics table in the Branch dashboard.

“After close collaboration and partnership, we are excited to have a robust SKAdNetwork integration ready with Branch. The solution provides brands the tools needed to produce impactful marketing while also ensuring the privacy of people on Twitter.”

– Liwei Chen, Staff Product Manager at Twitter

Customers will see the following benefits:

1. Customers can now include Twitter in the list of partners they can see SKAdNetwork aggregated data for in Branch’s dashboard, creating a centralized source of truth.

2. Completion of the integration prior to the launch and enforcement of iOS 14.5 next week ensures relatively uninterrupted insights for customers.

3. Customers can view their mobile app engagement and conversion metrics and optimize towards cost-efficiency within the Twitter platform. 

How to get started:

Prior to launching SKAdNetwork ad sets within Twitter, customers will need to complete the SKAdNetwork integration and configure Conversion Value mapping in the Branch dashboard. To do this, customers should follow the steps in Branch’s SKAdNetwork setup guide, ensure Twitter events are mapped in the dashboard, and review Twitter documentation.

Once the integration is enabled, we recommend testing the new SKAdNetwork functionality as soon as possible to ensure there will be no disruption to measurement or scale of iOS app acquisition campaigns on Twitter when Apple releases iOS 14.5.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Branch contact or contact support here.