5 New Journeys Features To Make Your Smart Banners Even Better 

We know that getting mobile website visitors to download and use your app can be a challenge, so Journeys focuses specifically on helping drive app growth and engagement by turning your mobile website into your largest source of app installs. Journeys is one of the most popular products at Branch because it offers customizable, flexible, and targeted smart banners, interstitials, and pop-ups. 

We’re excited to continue making Journeys even better to build upon best practices as well as advanced use cases. We’ve recently made quite a few changes to improve usability, provide more creative flexibility, and offer insightful data to improve decision making.  

Branch Journeys web to app flow

What is new in Journeys?

Let’s explore the latest and greatest features…

Creatives Manager tool

Easily manage your creatives in a new, dedicated tab within the Branch Dashboard. Now you can create and edit templates, collaborate across teams, and schedule future launch dates all in one place. 

Examples of Branch Journeys templates

Creatives Optimization (A/B testing) (currently in beta)

Leverage our new A/B testing tab in the dashboard to measure the performance of creatives within a Journeys campaign. Use these insights to make more informed decisions and drive app adoption and conversions.

Journeys Creative Optimization screen shot

Updated templates

By popular demand, we have added two new designs. With dozens to choose from, get added flexibility when designing your Journeys campaigns, or edit live Journeys, with the following templates:

  • Center overlay with background opacity
  • Bottom partial interstitial with background opacity
Journeys template

User experience improvements 

You will also encounter many new improvements that make Journeys much easier to use, including:

  • Improved speed with faster pagination 
  • Quick reordering of your Journeys’ priorities 
  • Easier readability of charts and tables

Improved URL editing

When editing URLs within Journeys, you will no longer see truncated URLs. Viewing the complete URL will allow for easier editing and management of multiple URLs at one time.

Branch Journeys URL editing example

The benefits of using Journeys smart banners

Capturing web visitors and converting them into loyal app users is challenging. However, smart banners are a powerful tool for turning web users into high-value app users. Journeys smart banners can alleviate a lot of the pain points generally associated with the web-to-app customer journey. Some of the key benefits include:

  1. Easily create and edit smart banners without needing any technical knowledge or developer skills.
  2. Personalize the smart banner experience with powerful audience targeting tools whether the user comes from an organic search, an email campaign, or is a repeat visitor.
  3. Ensure efficiency and collaboration with the ability to manage all your smart banner creatives and data in one place. 
  4. Gather attribution data from referring links and pass it through Journeys for a complete view of the user experience.

Let Branch help 

Our mobile linking platform (MLP) delivers personalized user experiences across all your channels, including your website. Journeys gives you the tools you need to drive your mobile web-to-app growth with increased conversions and higher lifetime value (LTV) users in your app. 

Branch’s Journeys helps you adapt to the web-to-app challenge by allowing you to easily create, personalize, and measure smart banners while capturing accurate and insightful attribution. 

Learn more about Journeys.

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