Smart Banners Just Got Smarter: New Dismissal Settings for Journeys

Chances are you already know about Journeys, our powerful solution that allows our partners to implement customizable, targeted smart banners that drive web visitors into their apps seamlessly. Journeys turns websites into app growth machines, driving installs and boosting conversion rates. Our partners love Journeys because it allows for quick A/B testing and fine-tuned targeting, and because it requires minimal development effort.

But there’s one challenge with banners, even really targeted, intelligent banners. Sometimes, users just want to browse your website, and just the sight of a banner — especially after they’ve already dismissed one — can be enough to make them bounce.

In an era in which user experience is more important than ever, we knew that this was a challenge worth solving. So we hit the whiteboards at Branch and developed a solution.

Today, we’re excited to introduce our new Journeys dismissal settings.

These new settings allow you to get smarter about how your Journeys are being dismissed by users, and include an entire tab full of settings built to make your life easier:

    • Dismissal Behavior: choose whether the Journey should simply close or redirect to another webpage when dismissed
    • Dismissal Period: decide how long the Journey should be dismissed for, now with more granular time periods
    • Dismiss this Journey vs. all Journeys: dictate whether dismissal should close just this Journey or all Journeys for a given user

Even better, we’ve also come up with a new audience filter that allows you to link Journeys. This new functionality lets you display certain Journeys specifically to people who have dismissed another Journey, which means that for the first time, you can display a Journeys interstitial to people who land on your website, then display a less obtrusive Journeys banner if the first Journey is dismissed.

Here’s how these new dismissal settings (and audience filter) look on your Branch dashboard:

We’ve always been huge advocates of creating great user experiences here at Branch. Now, with Dismissals, our Smart Banners have gotten even smarter.