Peet’s Supercharged Loyalty and Order Ahead Adoption with Branch

Government and social distancing mandates brought on by the pandemic required Peet’s to anticipate questions from customers about how they could get their morning cup of coffee. Peet’s knew they needed to launch new and innovative campaigns in order to meet their customers’ rising expectations.

Peet’s swiftly launched order ahead messaging across online and offline channels to alleviate confusion and maintain their commitment to an excellent customer experience. Branch contributed to Peet’s ability to be there for their customers by offering new ways to engage and order via Peet’s mobile app.

Branch’s mobile linking and measurement platforms allowed Peet’s to route customers to their loyalty program, rewards catalog, and menu offerings in the app seamlessly and provided insight into real-time revenue data from their cross-channel campaigns. By working with Branch, Peet’s achieved their goals of increasing loyalty memberships, driving offer redemptions, and improving personalization.

  • 4.5x increase in attributed purchases
  • 2x to 3x higher AOV from Journeys-driven app users
  • 10% of new members come from Branch Journeys