Peet’s Supercharged Loyalty and Order Ahead Adoption With Branch


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increase in attributed purchases


higher AOV from Journeys-driven app users


of new members come from Branch Journeys


Government mandates and social distancing mandates brought on by the pandemic required Peet’s to anticipate questions from customers about how they could get their morning cup of coffee. Peet’s knew it needed to launch new and innovative campaigns in order to meet their customers’ rising expectations. 

Peet’s swiftly launched order ahead messaging across online and offline channels to alleviate confusion and maintain their commitment to an excellent customer experience. Branch contributed to Peet’s ability to be there for its customers by offering new ways to engage and order via Peet’s mobile app. 


Branch’s mobile linking and measurement platforms allowed Peet’s to route customers to their loyalty program, rewards catalog, and menu offerings in the app seamlessly and provided insight into real-time revenue data from their cross-channel campaigns. Peet’s achieved higher loyalty adoption, order values, and attributed purchases with a new ability to understand and optimize campaign performance. 

Peet’s placed Branch-powered QR codes across multiple channels including store signage, to-go cups, and coffee cards handed out by baristas—encouraging customers to order ahead using the Peet’s Coffee app.

Three images showing different placements of Peet's QR codes: Image 1: Coffee card Image 2: To-go cup Image 3: Sign on Peet's cafe door

Peet’s creation of unique links for QR codes spread to creating Branch links for everything from emails to ads on Instagram. Before long, most of Peet’s retail marketing links were Branch links due to the ease of creation, reliability, and ability to measure campaign performance. With different ways to tag Branch links, the Peet’s team can easily understand helpful conversion metrics and quickly provide numbers to the executive team. 

Side-by-side phone images showing a user flow from Peet's instagram story. When a user swipes up on the Instagram story, they are directed to the "Find a coffee bar" page on the Peet's mobile web.

Using Branch’s Journeys product, Peet’s can optimize the web-to-app experience with deferred deep links to convert mobile web visitors to high-value app users. The team can quickly publish new creatives and A/B test designs, colors, templates, formats, and CTA without engineering support. They tested various interstitials across the mobile site and placed them across key pages like the homepage, store locator, and menu pages. 

With Branch’s attribution, Peet’s had visibility into visits and spending attributed directly to specific campaigns, which helped them learn the long-term value of customers who ordered for delivery or pickup using the app. Branch Journey banners helped Peet’s build its delivery business by highlighting trials of new seasonal beverages and pairing them with a free delivery offering.

Two images of Branch Journeys banners. Image 1: Peet's mobile website with a banner, "Free delivery on all coffeebar orders" and a CTA to "Get Delivery." Image 2: Peet's mobile website with a "Get app" smart banner.

Once Peet’s understood just how important of a role Journeys were playing in their overall acquisition goals, it began experimenting with geo-targeted Journeys in key markets with coffeebars. It wasn’t long before Journeys was helping their re-installs grow.


By working with Branch, Peet’s achieved its goals of increasing loyalty memberships, driving offer redemptions, and improving personalization. Branch also provided increased ROI visibility for the leadership team by identifying how much revenue a particular campaign drove with real-time data. 

After implementing Branch, Peet’s Coffee saw a:

  • 4.5x increase in attributed purchases at the peak of the pandemic, and now it is seeing a 3x increase in monthly attributed purchases. 
  • AOV of a Journeys-driven app user is 2-3x higher than the AOV of an organic app user.
  • Branch Journeys accounts for 10% of new members.

“Leveraging Branch—especially across channels and platforms—provides real-time actionable information. We’re able to see if our campaigns are exceeding expectations and can make adjustments dynamically without disrupting the campaign or tracking. Branch helps me see what success looks like. I deep link everything!”

Headshot of Nicolette Magbuhat

Nicolette Magbuhat, Loyalty and Growth Marketing
Peet's Coffee

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