The 2016 Mobile Growth Handbook

We are at a time of extraordinary change. And history is repeating itself in 2016 as modern marketing becomes eerily similar to the advertising revolution that took place in the 1960’s, changing the way we interact with businesses.

“The 1960s were advertising’s “coming of age,” when the industry mastered the language of TV, appropriated the medium of photography, and produced work of unprecedented creativity. Influenced by the cultural and social changes of the decade, advertising reflected a trend toward innovation, sophistication and a growing youth culture,” writes AdAge.


There is once again that “coming of age”, but this time it’s at the tips of our fingers. Within two years, there will be 3 billion smartphone users in the world, and with that comes instant access to products, publications, and content.

Mobile marketers and developers are hurting, and it’s time to solve many of the pain points they are facing to reach their audience. That’s why we put together The 2016 Mobile Growth Playbook, to help solve your acquisition, retention, and engagement problems when it comes to your mobile audience. Along with these insights, you’ll receive:

-45 tips, real-life hacks, and best practices from top mobile growth experts

-16 must-read blogs and Quora discussions on mobile growth

-A complete breakdown of the 2016 Mobile Growth Tech stack with metrics and tools

-Statistics on the mobile industry, including average retention rates

-A Growth Modeling Spreadsheet allowing you to plan your own experiments

The 2016 Mobile Growth Playbook shares tips from over 40 of the leading mobile marketers and developers that are a part of our global Mobile Growth Community, including growth leaders from apps like Pinterest, Buzzfeed, Zynga, SoundCloud, Box, Yelp, and Grindr.  You’ll learn how some of the largest brands in the world stand out from the 2 million apps in the various app stores and master mobile growth: