Mobile Growth in Review: Los Angeles (@ Ticketmaster)

Thanks so much to all who came out or tuned in for our October 2017 LA Mobile Growth Meetup featuring Evan Groth (Product Engineer at Branch), Jeff Kelsey (Lead Android Engineer at Ticketmaster), and Amit Mange (Mobile Product Manager at Ticketmaster), and moderated by Shahan Khoshafian (Senior Partner Growth Manager at Branch). We loved spending the night in Hollywood with fellow mobile experts, but no worries if you missed the party—we recorded the entire event just for you. See below for yourself—and we even included our favorite takeaways from each speaker!


Amit Mange
, Mobile Product Manager @ Ticketmaster

  • About 60,000 new apps are being loaded into the App Store every month. 400,000 apps have never been downloaded once. The average users downloads two apps per month. It’s very difficult to acquire a new user and get an audience.
  • Once you know who your fanbase is and what your value proposition is, you’ll know what the messaging is.


Evan Groth, Product Engineer @ Branch

  • With Instant Apps, you don’t have to worry about paranoia, taking up space on phones, onboarding friction, or people entering information. Everything is done for you.
  • Native video players are always preferable for developers, rather than browser players. With native players, developers will have more control.


Jeff Kelsey, Lead Android Engineer @ Ticketmaster

  • If you spend time breaking apart your purchase experience into an SDK, developing an Instant App becomes easier. … Our new approach to Instant Apps is to forget about breaking code into feature modules. Take features you find most valuable to your users, completely separate them, and deliver them as SDKs. Now you have a very easy path to Instant Apps—you don’t have to re-engineer your entire application.
  • Leverage the creativity of your team.