Introducing Data Integrations from Branch

Today, Branch is proud to announce the official launch of Data Integrations. In cooperation with our partners, Data Integrations will allow clients to automatically send their Branch data to many of the most popular tools focused on mobile measurement and engagement. These integrations will unlock a plethora of new insights for Branch customers. You can view and enable these data integrations for your Branch account by signing into your dashboard and navigating to the Data Integrations tab.


It has always been our mission at Branch to enable developers and marketers to leverage the benefits of deep linking across every part of their marketing technology stack. And as we’ve become a critical tool for many mobile apps, one of the requests we’ve heard most is to have the ability to view the performance of Branch links within the tool sets that marketers and developers are already using. In order to allow apps to measure and optimize their growth campaigns, we built partnerships and product integrations with some of the leading mobile attribution, in-app analytics, and marketing automation platforms:

e7304dcb-49c5-4c22-8716-cc325a30e8f4.pngAbove all, Branch’s Data Integrations allows clients to leverage Branch’s deep links for any marketing campaign or growth initiative without having to change their reporting processes or tools they currently have in place.

These integrations will also allow clients to analyze Branch’s organic acquisition data on what channel, product features, and content are driving engagement. In addition to simplifying the overall reporting process, these integrations provide apps a more complete picture of how their paid and organic acquisition channels are performing.

Lastly, by exposing Branch’s organic acquisition data to our partners, apps can also build user cohorts based on organic acquisition segments. You can now measure what product feature or content incentivized a user to install an app, and then target those user cohorts with customized engagement campaigns. For example, by using one of our marketing automation partners, like Braze or Localytics, you can target the users who installed your app from email referrals with email campaigns, while targeting those who installed from an SMS referral with an SMS or push campaign.

We’ve always tried to build the tools that you need to grow your apps, and believe this is a critical link in giving you a more holistic view of your consumers. We hope these integrations will allow you to push the envelope even further and find valuable use cases and insights from Branch links.

If you think there are other mobile companies we should be working with or if you have a request for a specific product integration, let us know by emailing [email protected]