See the Whole Picture: Branch Now Working With MoPub to Provide Complete Revenue Analysis

Today, we’re excited to announce that Branch is working with MoPub to provide clients with access to impression-level advertising revenue data via Branch Universal Ads. Branch’s support of MoPub’s impression-level revenue data solution is designed to enable publishers to analyze revenue from in-app advertising in addition to in-app purchases, and view both revenue sources in Branch’s campaign ROI analysis platform.

Sophisticated mobile app publishers often have multiple revenue streams, including in-app advertising and in-app purchases. To truly measure the impact of app install campaigns, publishers need to look at revenue from both sources.

MoPub is one of the world’s largest mobile app monetization platforms. With years of experience in mobile in-app advertising, publishers across the globe trust MoPub to help them maximize their ad revenue. MoPub’s impression-level revenue data solution enables publishers to leverage granular data to better understand their users’ value and improve ROI.

Branch allows marketers to follow complex user journeys and get a complete view of their mobile ad performance with access to View-Through Conversion (VTC) data as well as in-app purchase revenue data. By combining MoPub’s impression-level revenue data with in-app purchase revenue data gathered via Branch, marketers can see the true return on investment from their app install campaigns and optimize in-app UX, such as whether to show an ad or IAP event.

The result: a complete picture of how user acquisition campaigns are impacting company revenue across both advertising and in-app purchasing campaigns. Now, user acquisition marketers can see total revenue generated from their campaigns, calculate accurate ad LTV across every channel, and make informed UA decisions with all of their campaign data in one place.

Ready to find out how Branch’s Universal Ads Product can help you measure revenue across all channels?  Contact our sales team today.