Branch Announces Updated Adobe Campaign Integration

Branch offers best-in-class deep linking and attribution services to deliver better customer experiences and measurement across Adobe Experience Cloud.

Adobe Summit is coming up next week (see below for where to meet Branch at Summit), and we’re excited to announce the release of an update to our integration with Adobe Campaign.

Branch is the only measurement and linking partner to have a robust integration with both Campaign Classic and Standard (to see what makes for a robust integration with an ESP, see our previous blog post here). Branch already provides deep linking and attribution solutions across Adobe Experience Cloud with multiple out-of-the-box ready integrations, and these improvements signify a meaningful overhaul of the Campaign integration to ensure it solves additional client use cases. The enhanced integration also signifies a growing relationship with Adobe Platform and Customer Journey Management to help drive better customer experiences and obtain better insight into the impact of marketing activities as those platforms continue to gain popularity in the market.

“No company has a more dedicated focus on customer experience management than Adobe. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have seen an increased reliance by our mutual clients on email to drive app installs and increase engagement,” said Eric Stein, EVP of Business Development at Branch. “We are thrilled to continue adding to our joint capabilities and allow clients to take customer experience of their own products to the next level.”

Changes in the mobile ads landscape due to Apple’s changes with iOS 14.5 and the IDFA have highlighted the importance of owned channels, and accelerated clients’ use of email for acquisition as well as engagement. Ensuring an engaging customer experience for all use cases, across channels and platforms, can be difficult in a fragmented mobile ecosystem, and important consumer data often gets lost in the process. Branch’s upgraded integration with Campaign will help mutual Adobe and Branch clients drive better business results from email campaigns and gain better insight into their full impact on important business metrics.

“We have worked closely with Branch for a long time and are pleased to see them continue to enhance the integrations that drive better results for email campaigns for our mutual clients,” said Roger Woods, Product Director at Adobe. “As we continue to evolve our Customer Journey Management solutions, our integration with Branch will continue to provide enhanced capabilities to help those clients gain new insights into the performance and impact of their campaigns.”

“Origin Energy’s integration with Branch and Adobe Campaign Classic allows us to easily leverage our existing mobile and website applications from a single URL to provide our Customers with the best online experience regardless of the device that they view our marketing and service campaigns on,“ says Darren Bowers, Marketing Automation Integration Manager at Origin Energy.

Clients across the globe use Branch with Adobe Experience Cloud to deliver better user experiences in their main channels of consumer communication and gain more accurate measurement into the results of those messages. We are excited that our Campaign integration is continuing to provide advanced functionality for our joint clients.

If you haven’t registered for Adobe Summit yet, you can get a FREE pass here. Branch is a proud Engagement Sponsor, and we would love to have you visit our virtual booth when it opens on April 26th. Our virtual booth will showcase our integration with Adobe and features a joint success story with Walgreens.

While you’re there, log into Braindate and join one of our networking sessions.