Introducing Attribution for Snapchat

We’re excited to announce that Branch has been named an official Snapchat Measurement Partner.

This partnership offers Branch customers the chance to drive and attribute Snapchat performance across both paid and organic marketing activities.

Many of the world’s top brands rely on Branch to drive seamless cross-platform experiences and attribution. Many of those same brands rely on Snapchat’s Snap Ads and Live Stories to engage and acquire valuable users.

With 188 million daily users, Snapchat represents a powerful opportunity for advertisers and app marketers alike.

Here’s the proof: AdWeek found that advertisers who leverage Snapchat’s Snap Ads drive higher-quality installs, generating up to 30% higher return on ad spend compared with traditional mobile app install campaigns.

In addition, brands who leverage Snap Ads realize up to 50% more efficient cost-per-install and lower cost-per-acquisition on Snapchat than on other platforms.

Now, the incredible cross-platform experiences and attribution you’ve come to expect from Branch seamlessly integrate into Snapchat’s Snap Ads.

“We’re excited to add Branch as one of Snapchat’s mobile measurement partners,” said Kent Moy of Snapchat’s Measurement Partnerships. “Together, we will provide our customers with a holistic view of both their paid and organic performance on Snapchat.”

Branch’s attribution eliminates reporting discrepancies, and offers full-funnel visibility into how Snap Ads are working together with your other marketing efforts to maximize your ROI.

Snap Ads attribution is available today for all Universal Ads subscribers. We can’t think of a better time to kick off your next Snapchat Snap Ad campaign with Branch. Get started over at our docs page now, or contact our sales team to request a demo today