Branch Supports Advanced Conversions, Snapchat’s Privacy-Centric Mobile Attribution Solution


We’re excited to announce that Branch customers can now get deeper insights from their Snapchat campaigns thanks to the introduction of our integration with Snap Advanced Conversions. Branch customers can enable the new support for Advanced Conversions via a dedicated toggle in the Branch dashboard. Once enabled, Branch will pass the additional data to Snap to unlock Advanced Conversions optimizations and reporting to Snap Ads Manager.  

The backstory

Advanced Conversions was introduced earlier this year in response to the evolving end-user privacy needs of the mobile ecosystem. Historically, Snap has always held privacy as being very important for the long-term health of the mobile advertising ecosystem and has been very supportive of App Tracking Transparency (ATT). In fact, they were one of the first big social networking apps to show the ATT prompts on their app when iOS 14 first rolled out. While the advent of ATT, and overall iOS changes, is a huge win for end-user privacy, this made it difficult for advertisers to measure and manage their ad campaigns for iOS. Snap set out to solve this dilemma with Advanced Conversions. 

graphic displaying logos of Branch and Snapchat

So what is Advanced Conversions?

Snap introduced Advanced Conversions in May 2021 as a new measurement system that utilizes a privacy-centric data pipeline. It’s designed to work without requiring ATT opt-in from the user by obfuscating attributes that are associated with individual users and devices so that identifiable information from the end-user is not linked to their ad exposure and app conversions.  Snap leverages advanced cryptographic techniques to measure aggregate conversion data so reporting will result in aggregate records only, and the cohorted data will be reported by Snap daily, with a delay of up to 36 hours.

Why did Snap introduce Advanced Conversions?

Advanced Conversions is a result of Snap’s privacy-centric approach to mobile advertising measurement. Advanced Conversions helps marketers meet their KPIs while honoring end users’ ad tracking preferences. This is a tricky equilibrium to maintain and Snap aims to find the right balance between providing a high-quality, relevant ad experience for the end-users of their platform and respecting how much data they choose to share with Snap. Ultimately Snap’s goal is to protect user privacy in a way that allows advertisers to find the inherent value of running their ad campaigns on Snap. 

Does Branch support Advanced Conversions? 

Branch is proud to share that we fully support Advanced Conversions. We’ve partnered closely with Snapchat to ensure our integration has all the necessary updates. Branch has a new toggle on the dashboard which, when turned on, sends the relevant additional data to Snap (a friendly call out here is that the toggle is off by default), providing optimal control and access to our customers to shape how much Snap-related campaign data they want to share. To learn more, explore our documentation

screenshot of Branch dashboard showing how to configure settings for events tracking for Snapchat
There are many benefits to expanding the type of data most advertisers want Branch to share with Snap. Some of the immediate benefits of enabling support for Advanced Conversions include:  
  • A privacy-centric aggregate measurement for iOS users for a more complete picture of campaign performance. 
  • Access to Advanced Conversions optimization and reporting, separate from SKAdNetwork reporting.
  • Improved advertising reach, and access to numerous advertising features such as Target Cost Bid Strategy, Country-level reporting and reporting for numerous attribution windows. 
  • Additional context and campaign insight while still ensuring that your Snap campaign measurement solution is compliant with ATT and other leading platform privacy policies that are applicable. 

Ready to get started? Learn more about Branch and Advanced Conversions here.