Meet the New Branch University!

At Branch, we’re committed to empowering our customers with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their mobile growth strategies. Learning isn’t just about doing your job; it’s about doing it smarter and faster. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the revamped Branch University. This new iteration provides interactive resources, comprehensive training, and certifications to effectively navigate the complexities of deep linking and attribution. 

What’s new at Branch University

We’ve been hard at work transforming Branch University to better serve your learning needs. Our new platform offers structured learning paths to help you excel in deep linking and attribution across various channels and technologies. Whether you’re new to your role or a seasoned Branch user, the platform equips you with the skills, best practices, and confidence to drive mobile growth success. Key features include:

  • Tailored learning paths: Our curated learning paths are tailored to address the most common tasks, challenges, and objectives in mobile marketing. From the basics of deep linking to understanding ad attribution, we cover it all. 
  • Comprehensive training modules: Dive into in-depth, hands-on training modules covering topics like marketing in a mobile world, creating effective social post deep links, display ad deep linking and ad attribution, mobile web banner campaigns, and more. Each module is designed to provide realistic scenarios, step-by-step instructions, and best practices. 
  • Certifications: Validate your expertise with Branch certifications. Earn the Branch Mobile Growth Certified badge to demonstrate proficiency in Branch fundamentals, with more advanced certifications on the horizon. 
  • Accessible resources: On-demand video tutorials, step-by-step demos, troubleshooting guides, and expert insights are available anytime, anywhere. Self-paced learning modules provide interactive experiences to help you become proficient in Branch and achieve your mobile marketing goals.

Screenshot of the Branch University trainings homepage.

Available trainings

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Available certifications

Once you’re ready to showcase your mobile growth skills, earn certifications that validate your expertise and stand out in the world of mobile marketing.

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We’re thrilled about the possibilities that await you at Branch University! With our revamped platform, we’re not just offering resources; we’re providing a pathway to your mobile growth success. Get started today.