The Launch Checklist: A Planning Tool for Pre and Post App Launch

When launching their first app, Kindred, the founders of Branch discovered that growth was difficult, despite being featured in the App/Play Store. Sure, there was an initial surge, but how could they sustain and improve growth? Luckily, they had a number of resources among their network, something not many others can claim. It was apparent that this was not an isolated problem. The more they learned, the more they wanted to share, and soon, the founders found themselves at the forefront of #mobilegrowth.

At Branch, this experience is core to everything we do. From our international Mobile Growth Meetups and online Mobile Growth Community, to our deep linking tools; learning, teaching, and improving mobile growth is what we live and breathe. Everything goes back to the question, “What do we wish we knew when this all started?”

Everything. We wish there was a resource to teach us everything we could have done before we ever launched a mobile app. Obviously, this is a tall and nearly impossible order to fill. Every app has different needs, but there are a lot of things all app needs to consider. If only we had known what the major checkpoints were

Launch CheckList- Home.png

The App Launch Checklist is by no means all-encompassing, but it is comprehensive. From the technology you should consider implementing when building your app, to the steps you’ll need to build a strong marketing and public relations foundation, we’ve pulled the best resources into a single tool for you. There are two options: explore the whole list as a learning experience, or build a launch plan that makes sense for your app – e.g., if you’re only building an iOS app, you don’t need to check out the Android standards, and vice versa.


Save the list. Send it to your team. Use it as a reference. In this initial version of the tool, you can select from 36 options to create a static report. We didn’t want to overwhelm new app builders with too many things, so we look forward adding more functionality based on how you use the tool.

As with most things we’ve built for the community, this tool will be constantly improved based on your feedback. Let us know your thoughts, and happy launching!