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When you hear the word growth what do you think about? When I looked up what growth means, Merriam Webster’s definition is only 3 words: Progressive development, evolution.

In this time of uncertainty, growth can mean building better relationships with your customers, saving costs to prepare for future growth, or even unexpected waves of customers or traffic.

In 2014, my co-founders and I started building an app and while getting it off the ground was challenging, what was even harder was driving sustainable growth without significant capital. 

The problems we faced were not just our problems — so we built the tools to solve our own growth issues and found others wanting to adopt them. Before we knew it, we had created a company that fixed a fundamental issue with launching an app: making it discoverable.

Fast forward to today and mobile is eating the world. We’ve grown alongside companies using Branch like Airbnb, Adobe, Pinterest, and thousands more, in a way that gives us a view into how these leading companies managed to grow themselves.

As a founder growing Branch, I found bringing in the right people to help drive the growth of your company beyond the early stage extremely challenging, and began to wonder: Who is the type of person driving growth in a company that’s defining an industry? What are the skills that are required to take a company’s growth to the next level? How do I find those people and, more importantly, how does one become such a leader?

That’s why I decided to start the How I Grew This podcast. We will talk to top leaders in the industry and discover why some companies succeed in driving growth while others fail. We’ll explore how some individuals advance in their careers to lead teams that change industries. And most importantly, we will cover what you can do to become such a leader: tactical advice on growth campaigns, measurement, and experiments — and professional advice to help you grow in your career, your company, and your ability to create products that transform the world.

Our first 3 episodes:

  1. Francisca Hawkins: How a Former Artist is Shaping the Future of Mobile-Ordering @ Philz Coffee
  2. Claus Enevoldsen: Balancing Growth and the Responsibility to the User @ Flipboard
  3. Vincent Saint-Martin: How to Continue Driving Growth After You’ve Been Acquired @OuiCar


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