TOPTEN Mall Increased App Installs by 4.5x and Purchases by 2.5x Through Organic Channels




increase in app installs from organic channels


increase in in-app purchases by users from organic channels

About TOPTEN Mall

TOPTEN Mall is a comprehensive Korean fashion mall that offers casual, formal, and children’s clothing at reasonable prices through both online and offline channels. It allows consumers to purchase all brands of Shinsung Trading (including TOPTEN, TOPTEN Kids, ZIOZIA, Olzen, AND Z, Edition, POLHAM, POLHAM Kids, and Project M) in one convenient location. 


In the fall of 2020, domestic brand consumption was booming in Korea. TOPTEN Mall wanted to capitalize on this opportunity by holding a number of discount events throughout the year. It spread awareness of these sales through social media announcements and timed press releases.

However, TOPTEN faced a critical challenge. The links in these promotions took customers to the desktop and mobile websites. This was not ideal because the lifetime value (LTV) of TOPTEN’s mobile app users is six times higher than its mobile web visitors.

To improve the ROI of these promotions, TOPTEN Mall laid out several goals for its discount event strategy.

1. Convert web users into app users

Beyond a one-time increase in sales, TOPTEN Mall wanted its discount events to help acquire new, loyal customers.

A key campaign element was converting organic and paid users who visited the mobile website into mobile app users. TOPTEN Mall believed that app users would be more likely than website visitors to make repeat purchases as part of a long-term relationship with the brand. This was because downloading the app gave TOPTEN Mall real estate on the user’s smartphone and encouraged users to engage in the app and complete purchases via push messages.

2. Provide a seamless user experience

To keep users coming back to the app, TOPTEN Mall knew it needed to provide a quality, seamless app experience. This was especially true for customers who would normally make purchases on the web. If it succeeded, users would be more likely to return to the app to make more purchases in the future.

To accomplish this, TOPTEN Mall needed a solution that would deep link the user from the website to the correct destination inside the app. It also needed a reliable way to bring customers who had installed the app back to the app instead of the mobile website.

3. Accurately measure performance

To properly measure the success of the discount event campaign, TOPTEN Mall needed to measure web and app conversion performance in one place, without duplicating data.


To accomplish these goals, TOPTEN Mall turned to Branch. TOPTEN Mall was excited about the opportunity to leverage Branch’s mobile linking and mobile measurement platforms to drive success across its omni-channel campaign. 

Mobile web-to-app smart banners

TOPTEN Mall used Journeys web-to-app smart banners from Branch’s mobile linking platform to present custom messaging to users on the mobile website. Doing this encouraged users to download the app and complete their purchase by continuing to the same location after install through deferred deep linking. 

If the app is already installed, the Journeys smart banners make it easy for users to seamlessly switch to the app and continue from the same location. 


Web-to-app mobile measurement platform

Despite the benefits of native apps, some customers still prefer purchasing directly from the web instead of installing the app. In other cases, customers might browse products on the web, then later search for the app, install it, and complete the purchase.

This kind of cross-platform customer interaction makes it difficult to accurately measure performance with traditional analytics solutions. Fortunately, Branch’s mobile measurement platform allowed TOPTEN Mall to accurately measure user interaction and conversion performance across web and app in one single dashboard. As a result, it was able to optimize marketing campaigns by accurately comparing campaign performance data in one place.

Screenshot of a Branch Dashboard showing Android and iOS app installs over time.

Screenshot of a Branch Dashboard showing in-app purchase data by source: Android app, Android web, desktop web, iOS app, and iOS web.


Thanks to Branch’s Journeys smart banners, TOPTEN Mall’s organic web visitors who might have only completed a one-time purchase are now more likely to convert into mobile app users. This will further increase future sales and ROI. And with Branch’s accurate mobile measurement platform, TOPTEN Mall is able to see in a single dashboard the big picture of performance across both web and app.

By taking a strategic, cross-platform approach, TOPTEN Mall saw incredible results using Branch: 

  • Increased app installs from organic channels by 4.5x
  • Increased in-app purchases by users acquired from organic channels by 2.5x

In addition, the LTV of app users who downloaded via a Journeys smart banner is double that of users who downloaded the app through a paid channel.

Thanks in part to the results of these discount event promotions, TOPTEN Mall’s sales increased by 120% in 2020 compared to 2019. Its share price also grew by 85%.

“Branch gives me the ability to see the big picture of marketing across web and app across channels and platforms at a glance. In addition, a large amount of organic web traffic from multiple discount events was easily converted into high-value app users. Through this, we were able to significantly increase the sales performance compared to the marketing resources of Top Ten Mall.”

San Park, Assistant Manager
Shinsung Trading E-biz Planning Team

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