New Look Leveraged Branch To Deliver 239% Uplift in App Engagement




increase in downloads


increase in app engagement


unique QR codes created


installs in the first month

About New Look

New Look is a leading omni-channel retailer operating in the value segment of the clothing, footwear, and accessories market. The company predominantly operates in the UK and Ireland but also has a presence in targeted international markets.

New Look’s story

The New Look app experience is integral to the company’s values and goals. This is because, as a brand, New Look is focused on delivering value for both money and “newness” whenever, wherever, and however customers choose to engage with its brand. The New Look team understands the value of app users considering they have a higher lifetime value (LTV) than users shopping elsewhere. With a goal to drive as many users into the app as possible, converting New Look’s mobile web and in-store visitors into high-value app users was essential.


New Look had already deployed banners on its mobile website to enhance sales through discounts and offers via AI-driven technology. However, it did not have a tool that could both drive users from mobile web and offline sources into its app while at the same time tracking conversions and app adoption. New Look sought a solution that could help it turn both its mobile website and its physical store locations into key app acquisition channels. 

Solution: How New Look worked with Branch to grow app adoption

New Look began working with Branch to gain greater visibility into its app data and performance. 


New Look partnered with Branch to unlock a new acquisition channel by leveraging Branch’s mobile linking platform (MLP) and web-to-app Journeys smart banners. With Branch, the company was able to easily create web banners, target specific users, and measure app adoption.  

Screenshot of the New Look mobile website with a smart banner displayed: "App exclusive: 25% off (almost) everything."

One of the first Journeys banner campaigns New Look ran was its “APP FLASH” campaign. This targeted all mobile website users with a very clear value proposition. In exchange for downloading the New Look app, users would benefit from an exclusive app discount. Since Branch’s banners are fully customizable, New Look was able to create a native-looking banner that fit the style of its mobile website.

Due to the success of its early Journeys implementation, New Look is now working with the Branch team to develop a more advanced strategy for its next Journeys banner campaign. 

New Look also has begun leveraging Branch’s integration with Adobe Analytics to easily align Journeys performance to existing analytics.  


With its main KPI for app adoption underway, New Look turned to Branch to improve the connection between its mobile app and physical stores. It was then that New Look began leveraging Branch’s support for app-compatible QR codes.

Branch provided the platform to track and measure the performance of New Look’s QR code campaigns. This included installs and in-app conversions. By using Branch QR codes, New Look stores could drive users directly to the app instead of the website. For users without the app, the QR code took them to the app store first. Then, after install, the QR code showed the relevant content in the app for a more personalized experience. 

The New Look team created a unique QR code for each of its stores to measure performance on a store-by-store basis. This functionality enabled the New Look team to incentivize store managers by giving prizes to the store that drove the highest installs. 

Picture of an in-store sign: "Download our app for more." The sign shows a scannable QR code to take shoppers to the app.

Picture of an in-store sign: "Got our app?" The sign shows a scannable QR code to take shoppers to the app.

​​With Branch’s QR codes, New Look was able to create a seamless experience for its in-store customers.  The company promoted its app, drove users to install, and leveraged an omni-channel approach.

The results

With Branch Journeys, the New Look team was able to create a seamless user experience from its mobile website and offline channels directly into the relevant app content where customer LTV was higher. The “APP FLASH” banner led to a 113% increase in downloads and a 239% increase in app engagement.

New Look (together with Branch) created 400+ unique QR codes. The company then placed these QR codes in its physical stores at point of sale (POS). Within the campaign’s first month alone, New Look had driven 16k+ installs!

Side-by-side graphs showing the % of customers downloading and opening on the graphs. Graph 1: 1.5% of customers download the app from a Branch banner versus .7% from New Look's existing banner Graph 2: 2.3% of customers open the app from a Branch banner versus .7% from New Look's existing banner.

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