Celebrating Excellence in Mobile Innovation: Mobile Growth Awards 2023 Winners Revealed

Branch is thrilled to unveil this year’s eight winners of the annual Mobile Growth Awards. These awards recognize groundbreaking achievements in mobile innovation and growth. With over 100 entries, the competition was fierce and showcased the industry’s diverse and dynamic landscape. Our esteemed panel of judges narrowed the winners down from 44 finalists, each representing the pinnacle of mobile excellence. 

Let’s dive into the success stories of the remarkable winners in each category.

1. Best QR Code Campaign

Winner: NBCUniversal Local
Team Name: Audience Development Team
Campaign: NBCU Local’s Audience Development Team takes the crown for its ingenious use of Branch QR Codes during live broadcasts of Hurricane Hilary. The strategic approach not only demonstrated innovation but also played a crucial role in keeping the local audience informed and driving app adoption during a critical time.

2. Best App Adoption Campaign

Winner: END. Clothing
Team Name: Performance Marketing Team
Campaign: The Performance Marketing Team at END. Clothing showcased brilliance in segmenting, incentivizing, and guiding users to download its mobile app. Its use of Branch Journeys web-to-app smart banners and A/B testing functionality across the END. mobile site proved to be a game-changer in driving app adoption.

3. Best Mobile Growth Campaign

Winner: Hallow
Team Name: Marketing Team
Campaign: Hallow’s Marketing Team receives accolades for its cohesive 2023 Ash Wednesday campaign that earned the company the #3 ranking in the App Store. Working effectively across paid, organic, broadcast, in-app activation, and in-person events, Hallow utilized Branch’s mobile measurement partner (MMP) solution to track and optimize its performance across channels. The campaign is a testament to Hallow’s commitment to generating growth through cost-effective customer acquisition.

4. Best Mobile Retention Campaign

Winner: Target Australia
Team Name: Mobile App Team
Campaign: The Mobile App Team at Target Australia demonstrated excellence by using Branch Universal Email to improve the post-purchase experience. The team encouraged users to return to the mobile app to continue shopping by including deep-linked CTAs in its email campaigns. This innovative approach led to increased customer lifetime value (LTV) and customer retention.

5. Best Ad Conversion Campaign

Winner: Baazi Games
Team Name: Growth Team
Campaign: Baazi Games’ Growth Team stood out for its effective use of Branch’s mobile measurement partner (MMP) solution to capture attribution data across various platforms and accurately measure paid campaigns. This data-driven approach allowed the team to optimize campaign performance and achieve an impressive return on investment.

6. Best Social Engagement Campaign

Winner: Domino’s Pizza Indonesia
Team Name: Digital Marketing Team
Campaign: The Digital Marketing Team at Domino’s Pizza (Indonesia) stole the show with its “Double Cheeseburst American Pie” influencer marketing campaign on TikTok. Domino’s used Branch deep links throughout the acquisition campaign to ensure a seamless pathway from TikTok to the Domino’s mobile app. This creative endeavor generated virality and contributed to a significant increase in user acquisition and conversion.

7. Best Use of Personalization

Winner: Rakuten
Team Name: Growth Marketing Team
Campaign: Rakuten Rewards stood out with its smart optimization of the web-to-app install experience, making the process feel natural for users at each step of their shopping journey. With personalization at the forefront, Rakuten utilized Branch Journeys and A/B testing capabilities to experiment with custom templates, copy, design, and animation. Through experimentation, Rakuten developed best practices for its campaign strategy and achieved a significant increase in year-over-year (YoY) installs, revenue, and customer satisfaction.

8. Best Use of a Strategic Partnership

Winner: Airship + Optus
Teams: Airship Account Management Team and Optus Digital Experience Team
Campaign: The collaborative efforts of Airship and Optus shine through in their implementation of contextual in-app automation and messaging. This strategic partnership significantly enhanced engagement within the Optus Sport mobile app, particularly during pivotal moments of the FIFA Women’s World Cup. The comprehensive approach involved using timely and relevant in-app messages that led to a notable engagement increase during key events, including when Australia’s Matildas reached the semifinals. 

Congratulations to all the winners for their outstanding achievements and a huge thank you to our judges, finalists, and nominees. Your innovation and dedication have truly set a new standard for excellence. As we close this chapter, we look forward to seeing even more mobile innovation and growth in 2024.