Announcing the 2022 Mobile Growth Awards Winners

It’s an honor for Branch to once again unveil the winners of the Mobile Growth Awards. Thank you to our judges who narrowed it down to just eight winners. These brands have showcased their efforts from the past year and exemplify the spirit of innovation and growth. We’re so excited to see where they take their brands in the years to come and we’re excited to continue partnering with them in the New Year.

Here are the winners in all eight categories:

Best App Adoption Campaign: Recognizing a highly successful app adoption campaign.
Image showing: Branch Mobile Growth Awards Category: Best App Adoption Campaign Winner: Expedia

Company: Expedia Group

Campaign: Expedia used machine learning to increase app adoption to understand traveler’s needs and make appropriate recommendations through Expedia’s booking experience. They personalized their messaging and content for each user to ensure they were rendering information most relevant to them in order to simplify the user experience and drive engagement. Behind each message, Expedia included a Branch deferred deep link to create a seamless journey into the app.

Best Retention Campaign: Recognizing a campaign delivering the best retention campaign on mobile.
Image showing: Branch Mobile Growth Awards Category: Best Retention Campaign Winner: ancestry

Company: Ancestry

Campaign: To retain existing app users and drive user acquisition, Ancestry, the global leader in family history and consumer genomics, launched a dedicated email campaign featuring the main benefits of the Ancestry app with the subject line, “The Ancestry app can do that?!” Using Branch’s Universal Email, they were able to customize the CTAs and redirects throughout the email to create a personalized experience for their users.

Best Overall Growth Campaign: Recognizing brands that have created new and innovative channels, techniques, tactics, or strategies to increase mobile growth over the past year.
Image showing: Branch Mobile Growth Awards Category: Best Overall Growth Campaign Winner: Jersey Mike's

Company: Jersey Mike’s

Campaign: Jersey Mike’s launched the Day of Giving campaign to drive scalable growth, increase brand awareness, and drive donations throughout the month of March. The campaign was promoted across all major channels, including television, offline, paid and organic social media, affiliates, email, text messages, and push notifications. Using Branch, Jersey Mike’s was able to analyze the campaign performance and identify which channels drove the highest number of in-app conversions.

Best Referral Campaign: Recognizing a campaign that has increased app adoption and engagement through best-in-class referral campaigns.
Image showing: Branch Mobile Growth Awards Category: Best Referral Campaign Winner: GoMechanic

Company: GoMechanic

Campaign: In order to create a smooth onboarding experience, GoMechanic launched a robust referral campaign to grow its user base while simultaneously rewarding existing users. Using Branch’s deferred deep linking solution, GoMechanic powered its incentive-based referral program by allowing referrers to generate unique Branch Links inside the app and share them with their friends to download the app. Upon completing the required in-app actions, both the new user and the referrer were rewarded.  

Best QR Code Campaign: Recognizing campaigns that have transformed traditional offline marketing by delivering a world-class QR code experience.
Best QR Code Campaign award win for New Look

Company: New Look

Campaign: To help drive users from mobile web and offline sources into the app, New Look leveraged Branch QR Codes to create a seamless experience for its in-store customers. By using Branch, New Look was able to create unique QR codes for each store to incentivize store managers and measure performance on a store-by-store basis.

Best Organic Social Campaign: Recognizing the most effective organic promotion strategic and marketing campaigns across social to drive app acquisition, engagement, and retention. 
Image showing: Branch Mobile Growth Awards Category: Best Organic Social Campaign Winner: Planet Fitness

Company: Planet Fitness

Campaign: As a business, Planet Fitness looked to break into the younger generation of budding fitness enthusiasts to increase their social media presence and increase adoption of their mobile-first features. In turn, Planet Fitness announced its High School Summer Pass campaign, or HSSP, across social media. Through this, they encouraged sharing, engagement with followers, and virality across Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. 

Best Influencer Campaign: Recognizing a highly successful influencer marketing campaign that drove app adoption and increased app engagement.
Image showing: Branch Mobile Growth Awards Category: Best Retention Campaign Winner: nate

Company: nate

Campaign: In order to break down silos and walled gardens within the affiliate marketing and creator community, nate sought to create a unified shopping solution where creators can guide their audiences to a single destination in order to help brands  get increased awareness, purchase and affiliate commission without cumbersome integrations or upkeep. This introduced nate’s Creator Program. Using Branch’s advanced deep linking solution, the Creator Program allows creators to seamlessly acquire followers no matter which social entry point they come from.  

Best Use of First-party Data: Recognizing a successful campaign that used first-party data to deliver a personalized end-to-end experience for customers.
Image showing: Branch Mobile Growth Awards Category: Best Use of First-party Data Winner: Domino's Pizza

Company: Domino’s Pizza Indonesia via Capillary Technologies

Campaign: Domino’s sought to convert new users into loyal customers and increase their average order value or AOV while continuously engaging with them to stay top of mind. With a customer-centric approach, Domino’s Indonesia partnered with Capillary Technologies to evaluate gaps in the present understanding of their customer. Using these insights, Domino’s Pizza was able to execute personalized campaigns, based on AI-powered insights provided by Capillaries advanced CRM platform, to create a mobile-first strategy that would encapsulate and encourage loyalty.