Announcing the 2020 Mobile Growth Awards Winners

We launched the Mobile Growth Awards as a way to recognize innovative thought leaders in mobile during an, especially unprecedented time. With over 300 nominations and 50 finalists, our judges were left with the difficult task of choosing only one winner for each category. I am both thoroughly impressed and in awe of the level of innovation, expertise, and thoughtfulness that came to define campaigns this year. The winners for this year’s Mobile Growth Awards are comprised of leading brands and individuals who drove exceptional growth and innovation in mobile.

The program includes multiple award categories, and here are the winners across them.

Best Mobile Viral Campaign: Recognizing one of this year’s most viral mobile marketing campaigns.

Name and Title: Shivangi Gupta, Associate Manager


Campaign: wanted to drive virality through social sharing with friends. As part of the campaign, users can share selected product links with friends to reduce the price of the products. The value proposition is straightforward, invite more friends to ‘cut the price’ or get bigger discounts on your favorite products.

Best Overall Growth Campaign: A look at the campaigns that created new and innovative channels, techniques, tactics, or strategies to increase mobile growth over the past year.

Name and Title: John Ostrowski, Conversion Marketing Manager

Company: Brainly  

Campaign: Brainly wanted to increase retention by creating an optimal web to app experience for the end-user. By partnering with Branch, Brainly was able to reinforce its organic acquisition loop, which leads to more organic installs and more brand awareness.

Best Phygital Experience: Campaigns that transformed traditional offline marketing by blending the best of physical and digital to improve the consumer journey.

Name and Title: Brita Voris, Marketing Manager


Campaign: takes advantage of all of their resources when building an omnichannel experience. Most recently, they started using QR codes on their packaging inserts to promote the app which offers even better experiences and personalization than the web. They pair the QR code with an in-app exclusive offer to further incentivize users to convert.

Best Digital Transformation: Celebrate business innovation through digital transformation, resulting in increased engagement, user acquisition, or revenue.

Name and Title: Ershad Ahamed, CMO

Company: OVO (PT Visionet Internasional)

Campaign: OVO wanted to provide customers with flexible payment and investment options during the pandemic to prevent churn. To do this OVO supported digital transformation for previously unbanked/underbanked individuals by partnering with the government as an official e-money partner for Prakerja, a state-stimulus program to offer benefits for job-seekers who are impacted by COVID-19. OVO enabled beneficiaries to seamlessly activate an e-wallet, perform e-KYC or electronic-Know Your Customer, and receive the stimulus benefits without any physical interaction. 

Best COVID Adaptation: Highlighting a feature or campaign designed to adapt to changing consumer needs during COVID.

Name and Title: Marisa Johnson, Marketing Director

Company: Sanvello Health

Campaign: Within days of the World Health Organization declaring COVID-19 a global pandemic, Sanvello leadership approved offering free Premium access to Sanvello — evidence-based techniques, coping tools, and peer support — for the next five months. The team quickly rallied to remove the paywall, issue a press release, pitch media outlets, draft user communications, prep every internal team, and more with the ultimate goal of helping as many people mentally affected by the Covid crisis as possible.

Best COVID Retention Campaign: Highlighting a campaign delivering an improvement in engagement and retention during COVID. 

Name and Title: Achint Setia, Vice President and Head of Marketing

Company: Myntra Designs

Campaign: During lockdown in India, Myntra launched its content-led social commerce platform, Myntra Studio, to provide fashion inspiration and keep the audience engaged in the absence of commerce. Myntra launched the platform with 1000+ influencers who created their accounts on the platform and created shoppable, inspiration-led content at scale.

Best Onboarding Activation Campaign: Highlighting a highly successful mobile onboarding activation campaign.

Name and Title: John Dickson, Mobile Marketing Specialist

Company: Hibbett City Gear

Campaign: When Hibbett decided to take the leap into the mobile space they knew they needed an enticing platform and smooth activation flow to be successful. Hibbett offered app-exclusive raffle entries to key sneaker releases where users had to download the app and create an account to enter. They provided CTAs at appropriate places in the user journey across web, social, SMS, push, email, etc. to capture users’ attention.

Best Mobile Innovation: Recognizing creative thinking and outstanding innovation on mobile.

Name and Title: Ratnesh Neema, Engineering Manager

Company: Lenskart

Campaign: Lenskart used a unique, high-tech implementation hidden behind deceptively simple UX to solve customers’ biggest problems: size. To help customers determine the proper fit, how the glasses frame looked, and to provide a trial run, they built an integrated experience of 2 features:

1. Frame Size: it allows users to shortlist glasses that will fit them well, after taking just a selfie using our machine learning algorithm.

2. Augmented Reality: by giving access to the camera, glasses popup to users’ faces in 3D with very high fidelity to give a near real-life experience of having them on.

Both have significantly helped improve their digital experience.

Selecting Top of League Experiences

The submissions to the awards include a wide variety of stories and strategies that ironed out some of the challenges of this year and heightened our joys. Thank you to all of our incredible judges from leading brands such as Twitter, Airbnb, LinkedIn, 9Now, InMobi, and Mobile Marketing Influencers who helped select this years’ winners.

For more information, head to to learn more about this year’s awards.