Branch Launches Premium Healthcare Solution To Accelerate Mobile App Adoption and Engagement

Branch raises the bar with the first HIPAA-eligible mobile attribution solution to help healthcare organizations meet privacy and security goals

PALO ALTO, Calif., May 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Branch, the industry’s leading linking and measurement partner for growth-focused teams, today announces the release of Branch Advanced Compliance, a premium solution that provides enhanced security, privacy and data measures for customers in heavily regulated industries like healthcare. For over a decade, Branch has pioneered the development of privacy-first products and services that respect and protect end-user data. In alignment with evolving guidance from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Branch Advanced Compliance offers enhanced security and privacy measures to help customers satisfy their HIPAA obligations.

“To remain competitive in today’s market, healthcare companies need to invest in innovative technology that drives consistent patient experiences while still safeguarding data and alleviating privacy concerns,” shared Irina Bukatik, VP of products, Branch. “Advanced Compliance is a leap forward for healthcare organizations that want to prioritize mobile app growth and user engagement while confidently navigating regulation requirements and meeting HIPAA compliance goals.”

The use of mobile devices and applications in the healthcare industry is steadily increasing as patients expect their healthcare information to be more accessible. However, a majority of surveyed patients (75%) are still concerned about protecting the privacy of their data.

The ability to provide patients with access to data while maintaining compliance is top of mind for healthcare executives and C-suite leaders. Eighty-seven percent identified shifting government regulations as a disruption to their business, and 70% reported that patient demands directly impact their firms’ long-term strategies. Meanwhile, over half (54%) of surveyed healthcare leaders recognized that having the right partner can help them navigate these complex industry changes.

With Advanced Compliance, Branch benefits leading healthcare enterprises by:

  • Offering enhanced data privacy features to meet the highest standards of security and compliance for secure handling of Protected Health Information (PHI).
  • Driving and measuring user engagement with reliable links that ensure proper and safe attribution within a protected data architecture.
  • Minimizing cost to serve with streamlined mobile experiences that reduce the need for support tickets and high-volume customer service calls, thereby decreasing operational expenses.
  • Formalizing commitment by signing a Business Associate Agreement (BAA), where Branch agrees to process certain limited individually identifying health information on behalf of a Covered Entity in compliance with HIPAA rules.

“At Branch, we measure success by our impact on our customers’ ability to grow their businesses,” said Paula Mantle, VP of marketing, Branch. “Being the first mobile attribution provider to offer a HIPAA-eligible solution is a testament to the industry-leading partnership and solutions Branch provides that empower our customers to create secure and seamless experiences for their users.”

Branch’s Advanced Compliance solution is available to enterprise contract customers seeking to comply with HIPAA regulations. To learn more about how Branch and Advanced Compliance can help drive digital user acquisition and make a measurable impact on your business, visit our website and read more on our blog.