The Growth Secrets Driving Success for Today’s Winning Brands

The Reimagine Growth webinar series powered by Branch & CleverTap featured leaders from the martech world sharing effective strategies that marketers can use when approaching acquisition, engagement, and retention. Below are our top 5 takeaways from the sessions.

A Quick Look at the Context

Set in the backdrop of a global pandemic, the mobile and app trends we’ve seen in the industry as a result of COVID-19 are:

  • Of attributed installs, ads are driving fewer installs vs. other channels.
  • Owned social media has really taken off as a channel to get people to install apps. Meanwhile, referrals and sharing are only a distant second, followed by email, web smart banners, and paid ads.
  • Organic acquisition channels show over 4x higher click-to-purchase rates over ads.

Acquisition channels are constantly evolving and we have seen these trends evolve through the year.

Tips to put you ahead of the game
Tip 1: Diversify your acquisition strategy

Looking at acquisition strategies from brands across APAC, we have seen that leading brands rely on a combination of channels to continue growing the brand. 

On the paid acquisition front, top brands i.e. traditional enterprise companies use 4-6 paid channels whereas growth brands (those growing their user base and usually more mobile-centric) use 8-10 paid channels.

For organic growth, top brands use 3-4 organic channels, meanwhile growth brands use 4-6 organic channels.

Tip 2: Focus on Post Acquisition Onboarding

Acquisition doesn’t end with a signup or first purchase. Extend your app growth strategy  to ensure the customer is convinced of the app’s value and can comfortably navigate your product. Here, a strong onboarding experience can be a game-changer to unlock your true LTV. 

The Adapted Growth Framework Starts with Retention

As COVID continues, we’ve seen retention become more important as advertisers have had to adjust media type usage or shift budgets.

Tip 3: Creating content is cost-effective and propels growth at various stages of the customer lifecycle
  • Adapt content to what users are looking for
  • Create pain-point centric, actionable content
  • But also create fun, engaging content users can easily react to: challenges, polls, videos, competitions
  • Increase the volume of your content
Tip 4: Keep your users engaged with New Triggers

This means constantly improving the app, adding more features and functionalities but be sure to avoid features and notifications overload.

Tip 5: Have a multi-channel approach and connect touchpoints from every channel and platform. 

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