Advanced Compliance for Healthcare: Safeguard Your Data With Branch

For highly regulated industries like healthcare, ensuring the security and privacy of user data is non-negotiable. Branch’s pioneering Advanced Compliance solution enables healthcare companies to drive mobile growth while building trust and fulfilling compliance goals.

The mobile opportunity

Today, consumers seek instant access to relevant healthcare resources, whether booking appointments, viewing claim information, or managing prescriptions — all from the palm of their hand. To meet consumer expectations, healthcare organizations need to incorporate mobile-first technologies into their growth strategy.

Leading healthcare brands set the bar with Branch by delivering seamless mobile experiences and connecting consumers to the information they need from wherever they are.

Introducing Advanced Compliance

Navigating the complexities of regulatory compliance, especially under HIPAA, can be daunting for healthcare organizations. As the trusted enterprise partner, Branch is committed to supporting the enhanced security, privacy, and compliance needs of healthcare organizations. Our Advanced Compliance solution was built with these principles in mind and is trusted by leading healthcare enterprises.

Advanced Compliance offers an isolated network, protected endpoint, and security gateway with custom traffic routing, strong authentication, and multiple levels of encryption. These features work together to create a robust and secure environment, enabling the secure handling of protected health information (PHI) when performing attribution.

With these enhanced privacy and data measures, Branch uniquely empowers customers in highly regulated industries like healthcare to eliminate user friction and drive engagement without compromising compliance goals.

Unlocking mobile growth

Channels like SEO, social media, offline, web, and email serve as a gateway to deliver value to patients, increase engagement, and reduce operational costs. As the connector between these essential touchpoints and the app, Branch is crucial for any growth-minded marketer or product leader’s toolbox.

With Advanced Compliance, healthcare companies can accelerate mobile app adoption and engagement by deploying robust deep links that seamlessly direct users to expected content across platforms and accurately attribute app activities to the digital channels that prompted them.

From deploying web-to-app banners and QR codes to executing social campaigns and reclaiming SEO app attribution, Branch solutions drive and measure growth from key marketing channels while ensuring safe data handling.

By guiding users to relevant content and providing insight into the clicks, opens, and installs driven organic growth efforts, Branch empowers healthcare organizations to deliver a cohesive and connected healthcare experience for their users.

Advanced Compliance and HIPAA

Security and compliance is a shared responsibility between Branch and our customers. Business associates like IT service providers are responsible for designing their services with adequate security and compliance features. Covered entities like healthcare providers and insurance companies are responsible for configuring those services to meet their specific security and compliance needs.

When covered entities seek assistance from partners to process PHI in compliance with HIPAA regulations, Branch stands ready as a trusted business associate. This partnership enables us to formalize our commitment through a specialized business associate agreement (BAA) tailored specifically for our Advanced Compliance solution.

Whether you’re looking to improve your cost to serve, app adoption, or lifetime value (LTV), Branch can help by seamlessly delivering users to app content and features from owned and earned channels while securely measuring campaign impact.

If your organization wants to optimize mobile experiences and measurement while satisfying your compliance needs, look no further than Branch’s Advanced Compliance solution. We look forward to hearing from you here!