Elevate user engagement and data protection

Achieve mobile engagement and revenue without compromising on your compliance goals

Enhanced security, privacy, and data measures for customers in heavily regulated industries


Ensure proper and safe attribution within a protected data architecture.


Eliminate user friction and improve cost efficiency with reliable links and user routing.


Meet the highest standards of security and compliance for the safe handling of Protected Health Information (PHI).

As the preferred partner for enterprise brands, Branch consistently emphasizes security, privacy, and compliance, serving as a trusted advisor for our customers.

With enhanced privacy and data measures, Branch empowers customers in highly regulated industries like healthcare to optimize mobile experiences and measurement while enabling them to fulfill their compliance goals.

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Drive business impact with Branch

Remove user friction and get visibility into organic campaign efforts.

Cost reduction

Reduce support tickets by enabling users to complete convenient actions in the app.

App adoption

Target web visitors with custom smart banners to drive app adoption.

User engagement

Take users to app content and features with reliable deep links.

ROI analysis

Maximize app attribution coverage from all owned, earned, and organic channels.

Lifetime value (LTV)

Drive user loyalty and value by taking users to app content from QR codes.

Team efficiency 

Create and manage links at scale for consistent link behavior and reporting.

Customer satisfaction

Power streamlined user experiences, including auto-login across platforms.

Data security

Pipe Branch data via APIs and exports safely, where protected data is obfuscated.

Advanced Compliance for Healthcare

Branch’s Advanced Compliance solution enables healthcare companies to benefit from Branch while meeting their HIPAA compliance goals.

Protected Health Information

Branch’s Advance Compliance solution addresses key standards of the HIPAA Security, Privacy, and Breach Notification rules with respect to PHI.

Business Associate Agreement

Branch is willing to enter into a BAA for its HIPAA eligible solution, thereby agreeing to handle and process certain limited individually identifying health information on behalf of a Covered Entity in compliance with HIPAA rules.


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  • How do I know Advanced Compliance is secure?

    Our Advanced Compliance data architecture includes an isolated network with custom traffic routing, strong authentication, and multiple levels of encryption. Data will flow through a protected and isolated environment in which customer data is locked and subsequently available only where strictly necessary.

  • How does HIPAA relate to Branch?

    While Branch is not a “Covered Entity” under HIPAA regulations, HIPAA compliance relies on the safe handling of data by Business Associates as well. When Covered Entities expect their partners to process PHI in order to help meet their HIPAA compliance needs, Branch can assist in the role of a Business Associate.

  • What is PHI?

    Protected Health Information refers to any health related information combined with an identifier for a particular individual.

  • What data does Branch process?

    Branch processes certain identifying data points (IDFA, I.P. Address, Device I.D., or other unique identifiers) on behalf of a “Covered Entity.”

Ready to elevate user engagement and data protection?

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