Etsy Amplifies App Adoption and Elevates the User Experience With Branch








increased app downloads


increased conversion rates


increased average number of listings viewed

Etsy is a two-sided online marketplace that connects artisans, craftspeople, and vintage collectors with buyers worldwide. It celebrates creativity while providing convenience for buyers and sellers alike.

In 2011, Etsy launched its mobile app, offering a seamless shopping experience for users on smartphones and tablets. The app’s features include personalized recommendations, messaging capabilities, and order tracking.

Because mobile continued to be a major focus of investment for Etsy, the Etsy team began searching for a solution that would help them drive app acquisition and retention across different channels like web and email.

Creating a seamless user experience while delivering customer value

Using Branch deferred links and deep links, the Etsy team conducted various experiments to increase app adoption among buyers, while maintaining a top-notch user shopping experience.

One of their most successful campaigns displayed a prompt to download the app after a buyer completed a purchase on the Etsy mobile website. The prompt emphasized the tracking notifications buyers can receive with the app, which prompted users at a crucial stage of the buyer journey. The value proposition resonated with the buyers, and the Etsy team was able to reach the buyer at a time when the value proposition was highly relevant, without interrupting the buyer’s ongoing shopping mission. This strategy led to a significant increase in app installs and a better overall customer experience.

Screenshot of the Etsy mobile website with a pop up that informs the buyer they can track their order with the Etsy app, along with a call to action to get the app.

Another experiment promoted push notifications. Etsy buyers can message the seller directly to ask questions about the product, shipping times, and more. Push notifications ensure buyers stay up to date and don’t miss a message, but the feature is exclusive to the mobile app.

Screenshot of the Esty mobile website showing a CTA button to get the app below text that reads, "Never miss an update. Download the app to easily check your updates, wherever you are."

After the buyer sent a message to the seller, Etsy used a mobile web prompt with a Branch Quick Link to inform the buyer that they could receive a push notification when the seller responds if they first download the mobile app. The timing of this prompt was once again highly relevant because the Etsy team knows buyers are interested in receiving alerts when a seller responds. Buyers expect compelling shopping experiences, and the ability to seamlessly redirect them to the mobile app improved their overall experience without any disruption.

“I was surprised by how much impact a well-placed app download prompt could have. By telling buyers what they could get in the app when it was relevant to them, we were able to drive incredible growth in app downloads. Branch made it easy to put those prompts in the right places.”

Dolff Hanke, Senior Product Manager

Email-to-app deep linking

In addition to the experiments around notifications, the Etsy team utilizes Branch deferred deep links in their email marketing campaigns, which are powered by Braze. With Branch’s email-to-app experience, users are seamlessly directed to the mobile app upon clicking a Branch deferred deep link in an email.

Screenshots of the Etsy app showcasing the email-to-app user flow when receiving an order confirmation email. The user is prompted to track the package in the app.

Journeys web-to-app banners

The Etsy team also employs Branch Journeys smart web banners in the top navigation to drive user retention and engagement. Journeys banners dynamically display only if the buyer has the Etsy app downloaded on their device. This reminds users they have the app and encourages them to open it.

Screenshot showing the Branch Journeys smart banner at the top of the Etsy mobile site prompting the buyer to open the app

Achieving success: increased app downloads and buyer engagement

Adding Branch deferred deep links throughout relevant touchpoints of the buyer journey proved to be quite successful. The Etsy team significantly increased app downloads and conversion rates through these campaigns. They also enjoyed an uptick in the average number of listings viewed.

Etsy recognizes that app engagement leads to higher conversion rates and improved metrics. By encouraging buyers to download and use the app, Etsy aims to create a seamless shopping experience and foster deeper customer connections. This mobile-centric approach allows for personalized experiences, targeted recommendations, and timely notifications, all of which drive further engagement and enhance the overall user experience.

“Working with Branch has been a delightful surprise — it feels like a true partnership. The entire Branch team, including their account executive and other individuals, is dedicated to achieving the same goal and finding the best solutions.”

Daniel Kim, Head of MarTech

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