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This leading Australian owned and operated e-commerce platform offers one of the largest lifestyle product ranges in Australia via its in-stock business and marketplace of sellers. It is known for bringing low prices to everyday Aussies on the brands they love since 2006.

As Australia’s #1 online shopping marketplace for deals on leading brands like Adidas, Nike, and Samsung, it’s the go-to shopping destination for Aussie consumers. Its extensive retail network offers a tangible and immersive experience to customers. In addition, it also has a mobile app that delivers an even more convenient shopping experience, allowing customers to browse and shop anytime, anywhere, with just a few clicks. 

The app comes with an intuitive and simple user experience, making it easy for users to navigate a range of products, purchase items, get free delivery or pick up from the nearest retail store, and earn exclusive discounts. 


Given the e-commerce brand’s familiarity with local customers, gaining initial traction with its mobile app wasn’t its biggest challenge. The brand quickly understood that customers love to shop on its mobile app just as much as they do in retail stores, if not more. 

Mobile app users make up a large portion of the brand’s traffic, and they yield higher conversion rates and revenue per session than mobile website visitors. Mobile app users also drive higher average order value (AOV) and lifetime value (LTV). 

Given the high value of app users, converting more customers into mobile app users became a top priority for the e-commerce business.

The challenge was driving existing customers from the mobile website — what they were accustomed to use for shopping —  to the mobile app. The brand had to capture its customers’ attention and interest to motivate them to download its mobile app and continue using it as their primary channel for shopping. 


Branch immediately emerged as the solution with our industry-leading mobile linking platform (MLP). 

With personalized smart web banners called Journeys that bridge the web-to-app gap, the brand knew the Branch platform could help them direct mobile website users straight to the mobile app. 

The brand used deferred deep linking to create personalized smart web banners based on behavioral and contextual parameters. These deferred deep links routed users from the mobile website to the exact same content in the app and even sent users to the app store if they didn’t have the app installed.

Leveraging the Branch MLP preserved the customers’ shopping experience; they could be searching for Nike’s Air Force shoes on the mobile website before being seamlessly routed to view the same shoes in the mobile app. 

If a user had already downloaded the mobile app and then browsed the mobile website, Branch’s Journeys automatically presented a banner with a prompt to “Continue in app” or “Open in app.” If a user did NOT have the mobile app, they saw a customized banner with a prompt to “Download the app.”  

To ensure the best customer experience, the brand experimented with various creative, copy, and call-to-action (CTA) buttons. It also demonstrated social proof with app reviews right within the smart banners to build trust with its customers. 


Now that the e-commerce brand uses Branch to successfully guide customers from its mobile website to mobile app, it has leveraged countless growth opportunities. 

  • 436K App Store ratings
  • 1M+ Play Store downloads 
  • 40% increase in app downloads

Today, the brand continues to use Branch’s smart web banners for engagement and retention. It also enjoys stronger conversion rates, higher LTV, and better-segmented customer data that enables the team to create more targeted marketing campaigns. 

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