Announcing the First Multi-Platform Attribution and Deep Linking Extension for Adobe Experience Platform Launch

As a Premier Partner in the Adobe Exchange Partner Program, we are pleased to announce Branch’s multi-platform attribution and deep linking extension for Adobe Experience Platform Launch. First released to beta clients in September, Branch’s extension for Experience Platform Launch for mobile and web makes it easy for Adobe Experience Cloud customers to integrate the Branch SDK into their app and website with just a few clicks.

Experience Platform Launch is Adobe’s next generation, enterprise-ready website tag and mobile SDK management platform. It gives customers a simple way to set up and manage all of the analytics, marketing, and advertising integrations necessary to measure relevant metrics and experiences.

“Branch is the only mobile attribution company in the Adobe Exchange Partner Program with a full suite of solutions for both web and app, and we are pleased to enhance these offerings with an easy-to-implement extension to Adobe Experience Platform Launch”, said Eric Stein, CRO at Branch.  “With a few clicks, clients can have access to Branch’s market-leading deep linking and attribution technology.”

“Our customers are focused on driving better user experiences across both mobile app and web, and the combination of Branch and Adobe helps them do this,” said Roger Woods, director of product management at Adobe. “Branch’s new Adobe Experience Platform Launch extension significantly increases speed-to-market and complements the other integrations Branch has built in Adobe Experience Cloud.”

Branch’s comprehensive integrations across the Adobe Experience Cloud, the industry’s leading customer experience management solution, empower customers of Branch and Adobe to better optimize customer experiences and campaign performance on mobile by leveraging Branch’s market-leading deep linking solution, fraud blocking technology, and accurate mobile marketing analytics. Branch’s unique attribution model provides an accurate methodology for connecting rich cross-channel and platform attribution data to Adobe’s Experience Cloud ID in Adobe Analytics.



Unlock an Ecosystem with Faster and Easier Web and App Setup

The Branch Extension for Adobe Experience Platform Launch streamlines SDK and mobile setup to enable Branch technology in just a few minutes.


Enhance User Experience Across Platforms

The Branch integration with Adobe Campaign delivers enhanced customer experiences and performance with Branch deep links, directly from the Campaign dashboard.  Branch links seamlessly detect every device, operating system, channel and platform to send users to the optimal web or app page. No wasted clicks, just the best conversion path, every time.


Unify and Augment Cross-Device Measurement

The Branch integration with Adobe Analytics provides additional mobile data, thanks to Branch’s predictive modeling. Via the integration, Branch data flows directly to Adobe Experience Cloud ID, allowing customers to use the full power of Adobe Analytics for sequential multi-touch and re-engagement attribution analysis and reporting.


With Branch and Adobe, clients can better optimize customer experiences, improve campaign performance, and create a holistic view of end-to-end customer journeys across mobile, desktop, TV and offline channels.

By strengthening our relationship as a Premier Partner in the Adobe Exchange Partner Program, customers will also benefit from joint innovation and a superior level of service.

To learn more about Branch and our work with Adobe, email [email protected] or schedule your Branch Demo today.