Oh the places you’ll go…with Gogobot (and Branch Deep Links)

Have spring break plans? You should because Gogobot makes it easier than ever to get the most out of any trip you plan. With over 16M users last year, 800,000 reviews, and 4M photos, Gogobot is the perfect app to plan your upcoming adventure, regardless of where you’re going or how long you’ll be there.



Gogobot knows there are three keys to a fun, unique, and successful visit: where you stay, where you eat, and where you play. They’ve created an app that let’s you explore and discover the hidden gems of any city that are tailored to your individual interests. Like the outdoors and adventures? Gogobot recommends and reviews earthly escapades that will keep you in the sun and on your feet. More of a luxury traveler? Harness your inner bougie-self and relax at the finest wineries in town. Gone are the days where I’m listening to Gertrude, the cat lady from upstairs, tell me about the best place in town to hit the dance floor. This is what sets Gogobot apart. Unlike their competitors, Gogobot believes that everyone is unique and that people’s tastes vary when looking for places to go whether they’re traveling or at home and they’ve built and incredible community to support this understanding.

User Engagement

Last week we spoke with Zaid Al-Husseini, VP of Product at Gogobot, in one of our latest podcasts about mobile growth and designing the best user experience. Gogobot believes that the rich and immersive mobile interface provides users with an experience unlike anything else so they make building the best experience possible for their useres a top priority. According to Zaid, that is what attracted Gogobot to Branch. “What’s awesome about Branch is that when a user builds and shares lists of places to go on Gogobot with friends, a single Branch link allows them to download the app and immediately have access to all the places that were shared with them on that list seamlessly.”

During the podcast, Zaid reflected that for Gogobot, “it’s all about answering the question of how to make the mobile experience great for our users.” They work tirelessly on product development to provide the best travel, local, and leisure experience possible. This attention to detail has reaped huge benefits towards the growth of their app. For example, Gogobot has seen a 78% lift in sign up conversion events using a Branch powered custom welcome screen versus their default welcome screen.

default welcome screen.


Still not convinced you should use Gogobot to plan your next vacation? Let me use Branch deep links to help me persuade you. Last weekend I went down to San Diego, my hometown, to see my family and soak up the sun. With Gogobot in hand, I created a few lists to highlight my favorite local spots. If you’re looking for the best places to eat, my Feast in SD list is for you. My Slow Down Time list if perfect if you’re looking for the more relaxing side of San Diego. Finally, if you want to see how I’d personally spent my short weekend trip, see my Perfect San Diego Day. Use these links to see more details about the locations and see if they are right for you, but be warned…you may never want to leave.

What’s unique about these links is that they will allow you to deep link directly through install to the list at hand. Previously, app stores have acted as a black box, preventing referral data from passing through install. In turn, this has left users with generic welcome pages and a disjointed app experience. With Branch links , app developers know the contextual data of a new user and can provide tailored content , such as my awesome lists.

Surely, such sophisticated technology makes for a difficult integration, right? Nope. At Branch, we pride ourselves in making deep link integration as easy as possible. But don’t take it from us. According to Zaid, Gogobot’s “integration was seamless and most importantly the Branch team was always available to help out anytime the team ran into roadblocks.”

Zaid Al-Husseini, VP of Product, Gogobot
“As a company that’s very focused on mobile and the future of travel on mobile, Branch Metrics is a great partner for offering some innovative solutions to some of the mobile space’s most challenging problems in discovery and distribution.” – Zaid Al-Husseini, VP of Product, Gogobot

Branch has helped Gogobot deliver one of the best travel experiences that exists — so what are you waiting for? Get started integrating. It only takes 30 minutes, which leaves you plenty of time to start living Gogobot’s mantra and—Adventure On.