How PatPat Achieved a 4X Increase in Cross-Platform Users

According to Sensor Tower, consumer spending in mobile apps grew by 17% in 2019. Similarly, Dice reports that consumers are more likely to convert within an app — 21% of people shopping in the app purchase a product, compared to just 3% on the mobile web. Clearly, it’s crucial to drive users to your app to maximize revenue. 

PatPat is a shopping platform for moms to find great deals on children’s and women’s clothing and accessories without spending a lot of time or money. PatPat users are active across the app, mobile web, desktop, social media, email, and other channels. 

PatPat found it difficult to identify and measure the activities of cross-platform users in order to optimize the performance of marketing campaigns. Additionally, the team needed to provide a smoother user experience to increase engagement and revenue across these channels. Instead of relying solely on paid advertising, PatPat wanted to leverage organic growth methods to accomplish their goals.

Creating Seamless Cross-Platform Experiences

With Branch’s Journeys, PatPat can now drive mobile web users directly to specific in-app content and measure user engagement across those channels to get a full picture of the cross-platform user journey. With personalized web-to-app smart banners, PatPat is able to provide a seamless user experience by routing mobile web users directly to the products within the app. 

In the example below, a user is served a Journeys banner on the PatPat mobile website. Because the user does not have the PatPat app yet, they are brought to the appropriate app store to download after clicking the banner. Because Branch’s Journeys are powered by deferred deep linking, the context of the user’s click is preserved through download, and the user is brought to the same page in the app that they were viewing on the mobile web. By leveraging organic traffic on their mobile website, PatPat can drive more installs and purchases without increasing spend on paid advertising.

Now, PatPat can deliver improved cross-platform user experiences, maximize their organic app user acquisition efforts, and make more informed business decisions leveraging the visibility they now have into campaign performance across channels and platforms.

So far, the team has seen impressive results:

  • 4X increase in cross-platform users
  • 34.33% click-to-install rate from Journeys

Read the full case study to learn more. Interested in achieving similar results for your app? Contact our sales team today.