Branch Product Release Updates: June 2017

We’re finally half way through the year and we’ve got a bunch of exciting product updates for June, and a whole lot more coming in the next few months.

As always, our goal is to empower your apps, across all channels, across all mobile silos, with the smoothest deep linking possible. Every update below is an investment in all the channels and platforms you can grow with by using Branch.

AMP Journeys

AMP is a Google-backed open source project to render pages faster on mobile devices. AMP is important for mobile web content publishers looking to stay relevant in search results, which is why we’ve enabled AMP on Journeys. For some context, here is our historical take on the impact of AMP on the industry.

We are also glad to announce that you can now target users coming through AMP pages using the Journey user interface you are familiar with. This solves the technical limitations of AMP’s stripped down HTML that makes it hard to monetize your apps. Branch is the only platform that will let you measure the progression of your users from search results, to your AMP page, into your app, all while providing a seamless deep linked experience. Learn more about how you can get started with AMP Journeys here.

AMP Journeys

MailGun Integration

As we expand our partnerships for deep linked emails through our Universal Email solution, we’re excited to announce we have partnered with MailGun, a popular transactional API email service for app developers. Our MailGun integration fully automates the process of Deep Linking all your MailGun email across all platforms and devices! Start deep linking all of your MailGun emails using Branch by reaching out to your Branch Account Manager.

Cleaned Up Passive Deepview Template for iOS 10.3

As we’ve seen in the beta for iOS 11, iOS 10.3’s new App Store’s modal is here to stay permanently. If you missed this drama, check out our coverage here. We’ve introduced a cleaned up default template (which you can fully edit and configure on our dashboard):

Passive Deepview

In Case You Missed It

We want to highlight a few product announcements from previous months in case you missed them. Here are some quick hitters in case you need inspiration for your next growth channel projects.

Facebook Deep Linking

Facebook is hands down the hardest channel to deep link out of. Get the scoop on what options you have when deep linking from the biggest walled garden in mobile.

Instant Apps on Android

Measure and deep link users reaching your Instant Apps. And then do it all over again when they decide to download your full app. Get started.

React Native 2.0

We’ve rebuilt our React Native integration from the ground up. Designed with the React Native environment in mind, everything is truly native. Add deep links to your React Native projects now.