Branch Product Updates: August 2017

It’s August, and the most exciting thing isn’t going back to school—it’s Branch finding every avenue to deploy your deep links and surface more of your app’s content. This month’s update includes expanded email partners and more support on Firebase app indexing. We’ve also added some heavily requested testing improvements to Journeys.


All The Email Partners

We’re happy to announce a slew of new partners you can enable immediately through the Branch dashboard, including: Blueshift, Epsilon, Mailjet, Mailgun, PostUp, Sailthru, Vero, and Zeta Global. Read the announcement blog for more. Take our intuitive email onboarding wizard for a spin and enable scalable deep linking for all of your email campaigns.


Improved Firebase App Indexing

Launched last year, Firebase App Indexing has been a boon to developers wishing to surface their in-app content to Google. Branch has incorporated the latest Firebase APIs to make sure your Branch content appears in Google Now and Google Autocomplete. We still have one simple, easy to use object—Branch Universal Object—that deploys your content everywhere, but it’ll simply deploy to more organic channels. Get started by grabbing the latest version of the Branch Android SDK here.


Journeys Testing Improvements

We’ve heard a bunch of great feedback about testing Journeys before deploying. Naturally, your Journeys banners are deployed across so many different mobile devices, and it’s hard to scalably test what they will look like in different contexts. We’re introducing multi-device previews for Journeys to fix this exact problem. Gain extra confidence before deploying your Journeys across mobile web.


Journeys Deep Linking Magic

We’ve introduced a new Journeys feature that automatically opens the app anytime someone lands on your website with an enabled Journey. The experience is automated, and deep linking is preserved, meaning that someone who visits your website and has your app will automatically end up in the app without needing to click the banner. Get started by adding this field to your web SDK. The field is called open_app, and simply needs to be set to true (default this is false).

There you have it! Another month, another set of improvements to solve your app growth puzzle. We hope you enjoy these features, and invite you to send any feedback or things you’d like to see by sending a message to [email protected].