Aarushi Singh




How Real Money Gaming Apps Acquire and Engage Users in India

To help game developers and publishers understand how they can differentiate their real money gaming apps and score big, we studied some of the most successful gaming apps in India and identified a few common themes and patterns, unique opportunities, and insights on what really works. 

APAC Travel Trends For Mobile Apps – How To Drive User Engagement

In the past years, especially after the pandemic, travel—both the ways in which consumers engage with travel brands and the experiences they expect from travel companies—has become more convenient, flexible, and personal. While travel apps have been successful in driving installs, user engagement and retention continue to be a challenge for many marketers. To help you get answers, we identified five strategies that are moving the needle in travel apps.

Mobile User Acquisition Strategy: Drive Users to Your App

Mobile user acquisition is based on a multi-pronged strategy that focuses on building a better user experience. But it’s tough to stand out from the crowd. There are 5.7 million mobile apps globally, with 3.5 million on Google Play and 2.2 million on iOS. To increase mobile user acquisition rates in such a saturated market, you need to refine your existing strategies. 

10 Tactics To Drive Higher Mobile App Installs in 2023

We analyzed 20+ brands across verticals and how they are using deep linking across their mix of marketing campaigns. We identified some common patterns, interesting data-backed best practices, and unique use cases that you could replicate. Here are 10 tactics to drive mobile app downloads while engaging customers and delivering brand value in competitive markets.