Improve Experience and Performance with SingleTap Enabled Journeys

Branch and Digital Turbine have teamed up to help you grow your mobile app audience faster and create a much better mobile brand experience. Our new integration enables you to equip your Journeys banners with SingleTap™ app install functionality on Android devices for an improved user experience that boosts conversions.

Converting mobile web users to loyal app users is both a major goal and challenge

Your app is integral to your brand, especially when competing in today’s environment, but acquiring a quality user is no light feat. You have to pique enough interest to entice a potential user to install, hope they don’t fall off in the download process, and immediately prove enough value to prevent them from bouncing. Each step in the user’s path to conversion introduces an opportunity for drop-off, which is why tools like Journeys and SingleTap™ were built to help.

Branch’s Journeys product is the most robust web to app solution on the market. It turns your mobile website into your most effective source of quality app installs by triggering targeted CTAs to users who land on your mobile website, and deep linking them to the right in-app content once they install.

SingleTap™ by Digital Turbine transforms the install process by enabling users to download and launch your app directly from a click on any call to action button, without ever leaving your webpage, bypassing the standard download process through Google Play.

Branch is the first and only to have a web-to-app integration with SingleTap. 

The Journeys + SingleTap™ Solution

Journeys enabled with SingleTap™ by Digital Turbine removes roadblocks before, during, and after the install process. Once enabled, users who click your Journeys CTA will remain on your website as your app installs in the background, then will be deeplinked into your app without ever redirecting to the Play Store, being exposed to competitive apps, or having to input download credentials. 

On their own, Journeys yield higher retention rates than any other acquisition channel. Supplemented by SingleTap’s ability to increase conversion rates by 2-10x, this integration allows you to deliver a seamless, performance-enhancing experience, and easily measure resulting installs, opens, and conversion events.

Getting Started

Journeys with SingleTap™ functionality is available for Digital Turbine Clients with the Branch Android SDK and an active Journeys subscription. Getting started is easy! 

  1. Make sure you’re setup to pass Branch event metadata to Digital Turbine
  2. Work with your Digital Turbine team to configure your SingleTap link
  3. Add the SingleTap link to your Journey(s)

SingleTap™ Journeys links can be created manually in the Branch dashboard or programmatically via the Branch Web SDK, depending on your use case. 


Static links are great for handling one deep link destination (i.e. a static Journeys banner on your mobile web homepage that routes to the homepage of your app). To create a static link, you’ll first set up a Branch Quick Link, work with your Digital Turbine Account Manager to make the link compatible with SingleTap™, create a Branch Journey, and enter your newly configured SingleTap™ URL within the Open CTA’s Deep Link data.


To get the most value from deep linking and optimize for personalization and scale, marketers programmatically set up Journeys across various mobile web pages (product pages, user-generated content, etc), and deep link users to the corresponding in-app content. To generate SingleTap™ links dynamically via the Branch Web SDK, all you have to do is add a snippet to the mobile web pages where you’d like to show a SingleTap™ enabled Journey.

If you’re looking to grow your mobile app audience, improve your brand experience, and drive performance, read our documentation or reach out to your Branch CSM to learn more about setting up SingleTap™ enabled Journeys.