Dynamic Web-to-App Success: RADIO.COM Drives 61% CTI Using Personalized Branch Banners

Launching a new app isn’t easy – especially when you’re already an established brand with a large, loyal user base. Ensuring your users know about the app contextually – and have a great reason to download it – is key to driving installs and seamless experiences.

RADIO.COM, the fastest growing digital audio app in the U.S., offers more than 300 stations and more than 3,000 podcasts to its huge user base. When it came time for the company to launch its new app, the company’s product engineering team knew it needed to find a way to drive loyal users into the new app in a personalized way at scale.

The product engineering team knew the app would offer users a more diverse and easily accessible listening experience. They also knew it would drive increased user engagement, usage, and lifetime value.

But bridging the experience from multiple channels into the app was a key part of making the launch a success.

Why Does Personalization Matter for Web-to-App Banners?

Creating web-to-app experiences that drive installs requires two things: User context and personalization, and deep linking into the app or the appropriate app store so the user doesn’t drop off.

Personalization is a core component of this strategy because users are far less likely to click on static web-to-app banners than they are to click on personalized web-to-app banners that respond to their interests and experience.

Here’s proof: Branch research found that personalized banners generate 2x higher view-to-install rates than banners which are not personalized.

RADIO.COM knew personalizing its banners was even more important for its audience. Loyal RADIO.COM listeners were dedicated to their favorite stations, DJs, local teams, and podcasts.

That’s where Branch came in.

Personalization of 300+ Web-to-App Experiences for Success

Using Branch’s Journeys, RADIO.COM was able to personalize its web-to-app banners to drive users to the app.

For example, if a user was visiting the WEEI website, RADIO.COM could message them with: “You love WEEI. Now hear it in the RADIO.COM app for a better experience.”

Once users installed the app, they’d be delivered to:

  • The appropriate app store to download the app if it was not already installed
  • The app if it was already installed

In both cases, once the download was completed or the user was in the app, they’d be delivered directly to the WEEI station where they could continue listening to their favorite programming.

This personalized, seamless experience drove a 61% click-to-install rate for RADIO.COM.

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