How Lark Health Boosted Onboarding Rate to 92% with Branch’s Deferred Deep Links

Lark Health brings the best in design, AI, and mobile technology to chronic disease management and prevention. Before Lark, chronic disease was managed by visiting doctors and aides. To substantially improve the quality of life for chronic disease patients, Lark provides 24/7 doctor and coach healthcare to mobile app users, using AI and clinical science combined with connected devices. Lark leverages Branch’s deferred deep linking technology to give app users the seamless, personalized onboarding experience they expect while building the trust so necessary in healthcare—and has achieved an impressive 92% onboarding rate as a result.

Attracting Users as a New App in Healthcare

Lark Health, the leading AI-powered health and weight loss coach app, was founded to reduce the confusion and impersonality often associated with chronic disease management. Leveraging industry-leading AI, IoT, and chatbot technologies, Lark has enabled healthcare that’s as personal as it is scalable, and has rendered chronic diseases more manageable than ever before. Users of the app can consult Lark’s AI-powered chatbot day or night, from anywhere in the world.

How to Optimize Mobile App Onboarding Rate 2018

When the Lark team set out to optimize in-app conversion and engagement, they knew they needed a streamlined, personalized onboarding process that reflected their streamlined, personalized app.

Unfortunately, there were a number of barriers Lark had to confront. First and foremost: Lark discovered that—as a healthcare app—it was very difficult (not to mention extremely expensive) to attract users from conventional acquisition and engagement channels like social media, which also happened to be the usual suspects for mobile app best practices. In addition, Lark had entered a centuries-old industry filled with competitors like hospitals and other facilities, many of whom had devoted decades of time and resources to building sustained engagement models for Lark’s target market.

“Our service is far better than competing services, but none of that matters if nobody is willing to go through the app installation and onboarding processes,” said Cameron Jacox, Head of Growth at Lark.

A Mobile App Onboarding Flow Fit for Lark’s Streamlined, Personalized App

Lark Health leverages Branch’s state-of-the-art deep linking platform to enable one-click registration for every new app user. By sending new users deferred deep links that automatically embed contextual information unique to each individual user, Lark is able to direct them to ideal, personalized plans. Providing this personal onboarding flow is the first step in relationship-building for Lark—and it’s a competitive edge, since onboarding for the overwhelming majority of the healthcare space is stuck in the pre-mobile era.

Minimizing friction and maximizing personalization in the onboarding process optimizes user experiences—and has generated the metrics to match. Demonstrating points of differentiation that make Lark the clear leader in the space from the very first user interaction has had a huge impact on the app’s engagement and mobile growth.

“Personalized onboarding based on origin, biometrics, and other health data has made enrollment and engagement numbers a key competitive advantage of Lark’s mobile app,” said Jacox.

Results: Guiding 92% of New Users Seamlessly Through the Door

With Branch’s deferred deep linking plugged into the mobile app onboarding flow, Lark has achieved an impressive 92% onboarding rate for its app. As a result, Lark has led almost every newly-acquired user through its unique, contextualized registration process.

Even better? App Store reviews reveal that users feel as if they’re talking to real people when they encounter the chatbot in Lark’s app. While scalable personalization defines the Lark app and keeps users coming back, the personalized mobile onboarding flow powered by Branch guides users seamlessly through the door.

“For deferred deep linking and personalized onboarding, Branch is absolutely the way to go. The expert Branch engineering team has a full troubleshooting procedure, resolving every issue with full attention and speed. Our team’s experience growing with Branch as a partner has been world-class,” said Jacox.

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