Announcing the 2021 Mobile Growth Handbook

If 2020 was a time of confusion and navigating uncharted waters, 2021 is about using the learnings from last year’s pivoting, testing, and iterating to uncover opportunities for further growth and innovation. As the most damaging effects of the pandemic slow down, refining strategies to capitalize on our current new normal and shifts in user behavior will be increasingly important in order to sustain growth. 

We created the 2021 Mobile Growth Handbook to bring you strategies to create full-funnel mobile marketing campaigns, need-to-know mobile trends and statistics, and tips from world-class brands like Lyft, United Airlines, Braze, and more. Learn how to acquire, engage, retain, and activate users, how to achieve exponential app virality, and better measure your campaigns to optimize success.

We’re incredibly excited to share this year’s Handbook with you and hope you apply its techniques to your own mobile growth strategy. Check out the previews below – and download your free copy now!