Wowcher Partners with Branch to Power Mobile Growth and Optimize the User Experience

Branch recently announced the signing of a formal two-year relationship with Wowcher.

SAN FRANCISCOMarch 11, 2021 – Branch (, the leading cross-platform solution for deep linking and attribution, has announced the signing of a formal two-year relationship with Wowcher, the leading provider of online discount deals in the UK and Ireland.

Branch will provide its deep linking and attribution platform to help drive better customer experiences and obtain better insight into the impact of their marketing activities.

“We are beyond excited to see what this next phase of our relationship brings, which will see Wowcher utilizing all elements of Branch’s product portfolio. Whichever parts of mobile real estate Wowcher users interact with, and however they arrived there, Branch will be delivering the linking and attribution insights that will ensure Wowcher cements their position as the country’s leading online discounts platform,” says David Brown, Director of Customer Success EMEA at Branch.

Branch is a deep linking and attribution platform that seamlessly integrates app content into all marketing communications through Branch Everywhere (ads, email, and journeys).

Ensuring an engaging customer experience across channels and platforms can be difficult across a fragmented mobile ecosystem and important consumer data often gets lost in the process. Branch will help Wowcher drive better business results and gain better insight into which channels and activities drove those results.

“Our customers try to access the Wowcher experience from all channels, all platforms and all devices, so it’s imperative that our solution provider is not just counting app installs, but also helps us better understand our customers and hence optimize their experience,” says Alexis Harrison, Head of Marketing at Wowcher.

The Branch platform is integrated to deliver better user experiences in their main channels of consumer communication, and provide measurement into the results of those messages.

About Wowcher

Wowcher is an e-commerce marketplace which sells vouchers at unbeatable prices across local services, travel and products. Founded in 2009, Wowcher currently has over 10 million members.

About Branch

Branch provides the leading cross-platform linking and attribution platform, offering solutions that unify user experience and measurement across devices and channels. Branch powers mobile links and cross-platform measurement to more than 3 billion monthly users across the globe, and has been selected by over 75,000 apps since 2014 — including Adobe, BuzzFeed, Yelp, and many more.

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