The Uninterrupted Omni-channel Advantage

Cut your mobile disruptions

There’s nothing more aggravating than a forever spinning cursor or waiting for a video to buffer. Interruptions always manage to get under people’s skin, including your customers.

That’s why for brands, it’s crucial to provide a seamless omni-channel experience that keeps customers in their flow at all times. But, this can be difficult to foster, especially on mobile devices—where customers spend most of their time. From browsers, to push notifications, to in-app experiences and messages, customers are constantly switching among touchpoints and often drop off when met by a broken experience.

To solve this challenge, Movable Ink and Branch partner together to deliver an omni-channel marketing solution that makes the mobile experience as smooth as can be. Discover how it’s done using a stellar combination of data feeds and deep linking, and get valuable inspo for your own strategies.

Keep the data flow going

First, take a look at the Movable Ink and Branch Data Feeds integration. With this tool, marketers are able to simultaneously activate data from multiple sources to deliver a hyper-personalized mobile experience. The Branch SDK first collects insightful user activity such as app installations, purchases, subscribes, trial starts, or any custom event set by the brand. Movable Ink then activates this behavioral data in real-time to generate a personalized experience.

Thanks to the critical insight captured by Branch, Movable Ink is able to further personalize the experience. This automated experience delivers highly relevant messaging that resonates with the individual user and continues to adapt to changing user preferences. By delivering a cohesive customer experience with the right message at the right time, customers are more likely to continue their engagement.

Image with three icons. One of a mobile phone and hand touching the screen with "Mobile behaviors are captured by the Branch SDK" under the icon. The second is two gears with the caption "Data Feeds streams events to Movable Ink." And the third icon is a mobile phone with a t-shirt on the screen with the caption "Behavioral data is available in Movable Ink for content creation."

Deep link every touchpoint

Movable Ink specializes in creating personalized email experiences, but the last step of email personalization requires deep linking from Branch, especially since the majority of emails are opened on mobile these days.

Branch integrates with email service providers and Movable Ink to automatically convert email links into cross-platform deep links that take customers to the content they expect, regardless of their device or platform. Most notably, this joint solution takes users clicking an email on mobile directly to the related content in the mobile app, where conversions and engagement rates are higher.

For example, if a new show catches a customer’s eye in the latest branded email, clicking on the link won’t just take them to the app; it will redirect them directly to the mobile show page itself where they’re able to stream an episode.

App users engage for longer, purchase more, and have higher lifetime value than web counterparts. That’s why the result of deep linking speaks for itself, with a 3.6x lift in purchases on mobile. By taking users to the content they expect in the mobile app, they are not only more inclined to convert and engage, but are more likely to stick around due to their seamless experience.

Not only that, but marketers can also set themselves up for future success by using the accurate attribution data that this integration delivers. They can now understand exactly where customers came from before making a valuable marketing decision.

In this example, Branch and Movable Ink seamlessly transition the customer from email to mobile. After Branch discerns that the customer downloaded the app, Movable Ink creates a personalized membership bar using various data points to show what steps are left to complete for an optimal membership experience. Again, deep linking is used to funnel the customer directly to the relevant in-app content once they click in.

The integration in action

Get started by seeing this integration in action through inspiring use cases.

Mobile rich push notification

On the left, Branch forwards rewards information to Movable Ink. From there, Movable Ink generates a rich push notification to visualize the customer’s latest rewards earning, along with a CTA for them to collect. This CTA button is a deep linked experience, routing the customer directly to the right in-app content.

The integration creates a similar experience on the right, where Branch feeds two pieces of information to Movable Ink: the stage of the customer’s subscription cycle and their most recent “Add to Watchlist” choice. In a stellar win-back strategy, Movable Ink then generates a deep linked push notification that encourages the customer to re-subscribe and finish the show.

In this last use case, Branch alerts Movable Ink that this customer’s payment method is about to churn. Automatically, Movable Ink powers a personalized banner that reminds the customer to update their card before the upcoming expiration date. Customers can quickly link a new card to ensure that their viewing never has to stop.

In all of these examples, customers are able to easily move among every branded touchpoint without any friction. Simultaneously, marketers can provide this with little manual lift through this automated integration.

Use a seamless integration

You’ve seen the dynamic duo in action. Curious to learn more about Branch and Movable Ink, and what else they can provide for your customers? Check out the partner exchange today.