The Culture at Branch

At the nucleus of Branch’s culture are great people: brilliant, dedicated, intellectually curious people.

That curiosity is visible every day at Branch; whiteboards are usually covered in illegible text and diagrams, remnants of a brainstorm session that has energized a working group. A desire to do great work takes precedence over bureaucracy and internal structures; you can see team members on Partner Relations work alongside Engineering to make Branch better, even on airplane journeys. I feel lucky to be on a team full of unique individuals with various talents (e.g. playing in the World Series of Poker), interesting hobbies (that have resulted in homemade conference tables and standing desks), and ambitious life goals (for that one you’ll have to come and find out for yourself!). The team at Branch is a composition of genuine people, who are not only committed to making the best product together, but also to forming bonds that will last beyond Branch.

Branch also has a culture of full transparency and complete ownership. These concepts are visible in the actions that leadership and team members take every day. I get to hear about Branch’s long-term vision and short-term roadblocks presented with candor at our team meetings. This is a culture where ambition and execution are rewarded, where we move fast, share any lessons learned along the way, and continue to push forward. I have been given projects that I’ve viewed as daunting, but I’ve had supportive managers that have trusted me and been the strong foundation that has allowed me to fail fast and improve quickly.


Branch has grown from four co-founders to a team of 40+ employees in the last year. We’ve hit several milestones along the way, and we’re all focused on the prospect of hitting several more. We will continue to be a results-oriented organization, working towards the same goal. Yet along the way we will pause to celebrate the little things: team members’ birthdays, early morning bagel runs, and our evolving, positive team culture. If this sounds like something that is interesting to you, come join us.