Branch Launches Content Analytics to Help Mobile Developers Get Apps Discovered

Deep link platform identifies which in-app content drives user growth and engagement

PALO ALTO, Calif.Nov. 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Branch Metrics, the leading deep linking and mobile engagement platform, today launched Content Analytics, a new solution to help mobile developers and marketers understand which in-app content is most effective for user acquisition and engagement.

With over 45,000 apps launching every month on iOS and user acquisition costs now above $4.141 per active install, building a successful mobile business is incredibly challenging. To stand out, app developers need more than a mildly differentiated app store page. They need to be able to identify which in-app content — whether a news story, song, recipe, or photo — drives users to download an app and keep using it.

Built on Branch’s deep linking platform, Content Analytics provides insights into the in-app content users find most engaging in marketing campaigns. Accessing content-specific data on views, shares, clicks, installs and opens, developers and marketers can now identify which content engages users and optimize their user acquisition campaigns accordingly.

“With over 60%2 of app store revenue now earned by the top 20 app publishers, app developers are going to start rapidly leaving the mobile ecosystem unless we make it far easier to build a viable mobile business,” said Alex Austin, CEO and co-founder of Branch. “Content Analytics helps level the playing field by giving every developer free access to insights that can dramatically reduce the cost of user acquisition.”

In a recent test, Trusper, a leading lifestyle tips app, identified its best content and used that content in click-to-install campaigns on Facebook. With these insights, Trusper concentrated its marketing budget and reduced the cost of an install by 50% compared to generic app install campaigns. Recipe app Allthecooks used Content Analytics to identify top performing content, tripling their click through rate and reducing their cost per install by 30% versus generic install campaigns.

“Branch’s deep linking is an important part of how QuizUp leverages in-app content,” said Jon Edvald, Head of Data Science at QuizUp. “With Content Analytics, we’re now able to quickly understand how to leverage our in-app content for our app marketing efforts. We’re excited to continue experimenting to find out everything we can do with this new solution.”

Like all Branch products, Content Analytics is completely free and available to partners that use its latest iOS and Android SDK for deep linking to content. Content Analytics is live today in Allthecooks, Bible App, Dojo, Gametime, GigTown, Gogobot, Jet, Magra, PicsArt, QuizUp, Redfin, Trusper, and WeHeartIt and is available to existing partners. Visit our website to learn more about Content Analytics.

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