Branch Employee Highlight: Amanda Delaney

We’re thrilled to share the story of Amanda Delaney, Branch’s Engagement & Events Manager. She is less than a year into her role and already making a huge impact for the happiness and wellness of Branch employees. If you’d like to work with amazing people like Amanda, check out our open roles.

What does a normal day at Branch look like for you? 

My day will always start with some alone time–a walk through Golden Gate Park, a Peloton ride, yoga, meditation, it varies! And coffee is a must. Every work day at Branch is pretty different too, which I like, but I’ll always be working on some upcoming event. I’ll chat with stakeholders, brainstorm unique team building events, work on custom swag projects, and more. 

What do you love about your job? 

My job is truly a dream job. I love creating inclusive, impactful, fun experiences that employees will remember for years to come. These connections help build empathy which leads to more effective communication and positive outcomes. I love being on the Workplace, Experience, and Culture team and working alongside like-minded individuals who all care about making Branch the best place to work. I love that Branch gives us the freedom and opportunity to quickly pitch an idea and execute. Soon after I joined (only six months ago!), I rolled out a wellness program, which is another big passion of mine. I believe the secret to loving your job and happiness at work is when your work is fully aligned to your personal core values. And at the end of the day, I just want to do good work with good people and I’m doing just that!

What made you choose to work at Branch? 

A few things really stand out for why I chose to work at Branch. As I’ve mentioned, it is a dream job. The description was exactly what I was looking for in my next role and the projects I’ve worked on reflect that description. I truly enjoyed talking with every single person I interviewed with. My manager, Emily, and I had a connection from the first conversation and were aligned on the role and were excited to work together. I wanted to be on a team (this work can often be siloed) and this team is incredible. They are passionate, curious, funny, thoughtful, and caring. My interview with two of our founders Mada and Mike showed me that the leadership is bought in–they care deeply about their employees and want to create memorable experiences just like I do. I love that Branch is global and gives me the opportunity to learn about different cultures and working styles. Someone looking to join a workplace/employee experience team should consider a career at Branch because the opportunities are endless, the team is around the world, and the company is small enough where things move quickly and are not bureaucratic.

How have you grown at Branch?

Branch has given me the opportunity to truly specialize in something. A few months ago a coach had me visualize where I wanted to be in one year and five years and I had a big goal of leading a global events team one day and this role at Branch helped me get a few steps closer. A new job to me is a wonderful way to reset boundaries and I’m proud of the boundaries I’ve set and proud of the work I’ve accomplished in the last few months.

What do you value most about your coworkers? 

I value my coworkers’ thoughtfulness, empathy, curiosity, passion and pride for their work. I also appreciate how much Branch employees value and respect one another’s time. Meetings are structured well and always start on the :02 or :32 mark. On the Workplace, Experience, and Culture team I value the support– everyone is there to help, listen, brainstorm, and jump in when needed. It’s wonderful being on a team that cares so much about company culture! 

Tell us a memorable story about a coworker. 

Soon after I started at Branch, I jumped into planning our in-person North America kickoff. I worked closely with Brandon, a Field Enablement Manager, and it was so apparent that he was living our values. He jumped right in making the communications hilarious with daily gifs, he took ownership over the entire schedule working with multiple stakeholders and leaders across the org, and most importantly when we needed to pivot last minute to virtual, he showed grit. We define grit as “resilient against setbacks, sticking with things until you succeed and you stay strong through difficult times.” He did just that and we executed a pretty flawless virtual experience. 

What motivates you? 

I feel proud of my work and want it to shine! I feel motivated intrinsically because I truly care about this type of work and the impact it has and I feel motivated by my coworkers and the future of Branch. I want to help be part of making Branch an incredible place to work. 

How does Branch cultivate a sense of belonging for you?

I feel that my Branch coworkers care about me as a person, listen to my thoughts and opinions, and care about projects I have outside of work. When I feel a sense of compassion and empathy I feel like I belong. 

What are you passionate about?  

I’m definitely passionate about event planning 🙂 Outside of work I just launched a watercolor shop Tiny Studio Art on Etsy, which I’m really excited about and was a big goal of mine. I absolutely love fitness and wellness. I love the community, the way it makes me feel, and getting stronger! I received my yoga teacher certification about six years ago and I’m thrilled that as part of our wellness program I can teach yoga at Branch and hold space for folks. 

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received in your career?

I’ll share two things here. First is from a former coworker and dear friend, Lyle, who lived his life with the purpose of “doing good work with good people.” It’s simple but has helped me through work’s ups and downs. When a project gets frustrating I just ask myself if I’m still doing good work with good people? Does the work align to my values? 

The second is when a former manager was helping me talk through speaking up at work and later helped me negotiate a few job offers. When I shared certain scenarios and what if I said this what if I didn’t, he asked me, “What’s the worst thing that happens? You get fired for speaking your mind? You wouldn’t want to work at that place anyway.” I appreciated his bluntness and it has helped me speak up, constructively dissent, stop unnecessarily apologizing, and ask for what I want. 

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