Announcing Branch’s Tech for Female Founders Initiative

Tech has transformed the way we run businesses. From creating more personalized and engaging experiences for our users to getting more ROI  from our campaigns, tech is the enabler of our times. As a female founder myself, what helped me tremendously in my journey of building Branch as a global brand has been access to a host of products that have helped propel our early growth. It’s with this knowledge that I’m proud to announce the Branch Female Founders program. The program aims to further accelerate growth for women-led ventures in the mobile space.

Diversity isn’t just a discussion on fairness – it’s an ongoing dialogue about bringing in more perspectives that lead to stronger decision-making. Built on top of the belief that tech is for all, our ultimate mission is to create a more diverse and inclusive industry. My team and I are here to power growth across the board.

As a starting point in a program that I envision will continue to evolve over time, we are looking to empower the women founders in our incredible mobile growth community with a gift of $5000 for all women that apply and qualify. To qualify for your Branch credits, you must:

  1. Be a woman or identify as a woman or be an employee of business that is at least 51% owned by one or more women  
  2. Be a founder for the company that you are applying for
  3. Have signed up for a Branch dashboard account and entered a valid credit card and billing information on the Billing Page of the dashboard
  4. Add one of our premium products (Choose from Branch’s Journeys, Universal Email, Universal Ads, or Data Feeds)
  5. Be a current Branch user of our free and/or premium products, and not be in negotiation or in a contract with Branch
  6. Credits expire if not used one (1) year after credits are made available by Branch to you for use or if you enter into a negotiation of or execute an enterprise contract with Branch

Some of my favorite brands have been built by amazing women that are redesigning the growth landscape:

I’m excited to meet with more female founders who make way for new businesses to emerge and flourish. Wherever you are in the world, I encourage you to use this opportunity to supercharge your mobile growth!