The 2019 Playbook for Cross-Platform Deep Linking and Attribution

At Branch, we got into deep linking and attribution because they’re core to experiences mobile users value and brands require. They make digital marketing perform the way it should: seamlessly, accurately, and with the capacity to improve every day.    

The 2019 Playbook for Cross-Platform Deep Linking and Attribution synthesizes what we’ve learned while working with many of the world’s most innovative digital marketers, product teams, and mobile industry experts. It is the unvarnished truth of how to drive revenue in our intensely competitive space.  

The Playbook describes the increasing importance of cross-platform capabilities, as well as where attribution and deep linking have been, where they’re going, and how you can take advantage of opportunities the competition can’t see. As a behind-the-scenes guide to delivering the ROI and LTV your business needs, it’s also filled with suggestions you can put to work immediately.  

What’s Inside
  • How you can turn your cross-platform data into an acquisition and engagement superpower, optimize high-leverage combinations of paid and organic spend, and leverage cross-platform thinking to improve user experiences from onboarding through retention.
  • How deep linking has evolved, the importance of using deep links to capitalize on user context, and ways marketers are using modern deep linking tech to solve for every edge case on every device.
  • How mobile attribution is changing marketer expectations for accuracy and return on investment, how to construct the most effective data and analytics stack for your business, and how today’s attribution data is the foundation for tomorrow’s LTV.

If optimizing cross-platform deep linking and attribution are on your agenda, this playbook is for you.