Announcing Deep Linked Feeds for Dynamic Ads

At Branch, we believe that linking should be easy. You shouldn’t have to think twice about the types of links you use, the devices they support, or whether your website is handled differently than your app. We’re on a crusade to make links work everywhere.

To that end, we’re pleased to announce Deep Linked Feeds for Dynamic Ads – a tool that takes the complexity out of setting up cross-platform links for your remarketing campaigns.

Why Dynamic Ads?

Dynamic Ads are the most cost-effective way to drive purchases from paid advertising. Facebook cites incredible results – 8x ROAS for one client; Criteo quotes a 7x increase in sales from their dynamic advertising campaigns for another.

But the technical overhead can be daunting, and only increases when trying to create Dynamic Ads for mobile.

Deep Linked Ads Stats.pngWith Deep Linked Feeds, you can upload your product feed to Branch, configure your deep link settings, and get back the product feed you need – with deep links automatically injected into the correct columns. There’s no need to pore over documentation that differs for each platform, set up additional SDKs for deferred deep linking, spend hours configuring attribution tags, or set up multiple feed formats from platform to platform or device to device.

Branch’s Deep Linked Feeds can be created in less than a minute, are stored in your Branch dashboard for easy download, and are compatible with Facebook and leading remarketing platforms including Criteo, MediaMath, Google Product Listing Ads, Fiksu DSP, Jampp, Liftoff, Remerge, Spongecell, with more to come.

Upload Feeds

Upload Feed.png

Create Deep Links

Create Deep Links.png

Launch and Measure

Branch’s Deep Linked Feeds also work alongside our Data Integrations and Journeys products. Your attribution parameters are set through the UI and automatically sent to your Data Integration partner, with advanced segmentation parameter support available.

With Journeys, you can set up targeting rules to drive downloads from customers driven back to your mobile website from a remarketing ad, completing the circle of awareness, engagement, purchase and converting occasional web visitors into dedicated app users.

Ready to get started? Begin your two week trial at and set up your first remarketing campaign.