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How to Get the Most out of Unified Analytics

With the existence of several versions of SKAN comes the challenge of understanding the attribution data it generates alongside every other attribution source. Enter Unified Analytics.

How To Run and Measure Ads on Connected TVs

OTT advertising offers a new opportunity for marketers to engage with their audience and deliver personalized and targeted messages directly to their living rooms. Having an MMP like Branch is essential for measuring the impact of CTV ads across multiple devices and channels, enabling marketers to optimize their ad spend and create more effective campaigns.

How Branch Simplifies SKAN 4.0

Since late October 2022, the mobile industry has been abuzz with the exciting news of SKAdNetwork 4.0’s release. Not only does this present an opportunity for those in mobile marketing to revamp their strategies, but SKAN 4.0 also presents many questions about how mobile measurement partners (MMPs) like Branch plan to support the latest changes in addition to previous versions of SKAN.  

Introducing the Branch Sandbox Program

With the Branch Sandbox program, you'll have access to the Branch product and engineering teams for special early access to test drive Branch's cutting-edge solutions before the market. With your help, we'll develop the future's greatest measurement and linking solutions together.

5 Best Practices for Mobile Linking on Social Media

When done right, social media linking can be a powerful tool if you can create value for your target audience. By following the best practices we outline for you in this article, you can ensure your social media posts are compelling - and get the desired results. 

WWDC 2022 Recap: What’s New for Mobile Growth?

Apple announced improvements to SKAdNetwork and the latest on AppTrackingTransparency compliance at their annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Read on to learn more about how these changes impact the mobile marketing world!

Personalized App Onboarding With Branch + Airship

Onboarding is defined by the interactions that set the stage for long-term customer value. Personalized onboarding goes even further — users receive hyper-relevant information to keep them engaged and marketers learn which actions get customers to convert and, ultimately, stick around.